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Pokemon Fusion Doodles



Came across this site that randomizes a fusion between 2 Pokemon, and I decided to draw a few of the more interesting abominations I generated as some warm-up practice. I made a few minor changes to a few of them, so they'd have a few more aesthetic cues from the first Pokemon, other than just the face and colour scheme.

Hope you dig the doodles. I might do a few more of these, since I screen-capped 22 pics, and I only posted 6 of them. We'll see.

Pokemon Fusion website:  [link]

Pokémon Fusion Doodles 2:
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I'm slightly scared of Caterking. He looks ready to take revenge on all those trainers who spent hours grinding in Viridian Forest by killing endless amounts of Caterpie and Metapod.... O.O"