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RULES: 8 facts about your OC! Nova selected Wyatt, which is this dude Wyatt McFly Blakely

1.) Wyatt was the only infant to survive the original terrorist attack. His sister Rylie being age 8 at the time used her splice ability of invisibility to run away with him until she found the troops sent to help the town. Being a baby at the time, he remembers absolutely nothing of his parents and life before the base camp. Because of this, it causes him to be highly uncomfortable towards his older sister Rylie because he doesn't see her as a sister but Rylie still sees him as her little brother. He's only been out of the base camp a few times to visit the city. 

2.) Wyatt didn't actually build the bot A.E.P.I, he just built the outer shell of it. He found A.E.P.I's chip which contained its programming in an old abandoned splice facility lab which he wasn't supposed to be in. In fact, he spent 2 whole weeks trying to make the chips programming compatible with his model because how old it was. When it finally worked, Wyatt tried naming it Lincoln but it refused claiming it already had a name. ((This is at the end of the first episode, you'll see))

3.) Wyatt's pretty smart, but hes actually a certified genius scoring a 145 on his I.Q test. At a really young age the folks at the orphanage picked up on this and decided to bump him up a few grades. Eventually he landed in a class 3 years ahead of his and that's where he met Parker. Being the youngest and smallest at the time in his class, he was extremely scared to approach people. Wyatt noticed Parker was always by himself as well and that the kids also ostracized him, so Wyatt decided to start sitting next to him and they started getting closer. Eventually, Brutus came into the picture as he was held back 3 years because of the trauma he experienced as a kid which caused him to be mentally and socially distant from people. These three eventually became best friends and even claim that there brothers. 

Wyatt is a pessimist, he claims he's being realistic but in reality he thinks negatively. He tells Harper constantly why he hates looking up at the stars because its just a constant reminder of how insignificant everything is. To him, humanity is just a speck of dust in a vast pool of never ending universes and eventually the rock that we live on will die and the things humanity claims to have accomplished will be gone. Not to mention his hatred for humanity, he finds people hard to talk to and emotions including his own confusing he doesn't grasp the idea why humans can't be more logical then emotion based. He HATES hurting people, physically and emotionally and worries about it constantly so he finds it easier to avoid people. Which he runs into the problem of feeling lonely, he hates that he feels lonely because he does seek attention from a select few people but he finds that hes annoying them and doesn't reach out. Its a never ending loop for him and he gets more and more confused and upset by it. 

5.) Wyatt gets himself in the middle of the war between the platoons and terrorists. Not telling how due to major spoilers, but I will say that him and Dakota do not get along. 

6.) Wyatt never wanted to become a solider like Brutus or Parker. Instead, the army offered to pay for his engineering degree and work for it during his basic education courses as long when he turns 18 that he has to work for them building weapons for 4 more years. During this time that he works as an engineer for the army, he also helps out with simulation codes and maintenance to pay for his student loan.  

7.)  The science division where Wyatt works at the base consists of, Dr. Fitz , Dr. Amri, Dr. Gordon and there numerous assistants. Dr. Amri couldn't believe that the army hired someone so young and has a vendetta towards him after Wyatt 1 uped her in simulation coding. Dr. Mason Gordon found the whole situation between him and Amri hilarious and started to try to get close to Wyatt. Mason never had kids and sorta pushed himself into Wyatts life trying to be a parental figure towards him. Wyatt never remembering his parents and honestly not fond of the concept, finds Mason to be EXCEEDINGLY annoying. 

8.) Despite being pessimistic towards humans, he isn't exactly a mean or rude person. In fact hes a very kind person and his views really aren't brought up in conversation in fear of upsetting people. Really loves to talk about robots and anime but realizes not everyone is into those things and tends to be awkward about bringing up the subjects. In fact, Wyatt breeds his own kind of awkward being 6'0 and lanky, as well as his movements come off ... well awkward he tends to fail at anything social. ALSO the guy has really bad Asthma and constantly has an inhaler on him



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