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Yo! Check out my pixelfish tank--> Lantern.Bass.SpiderMilkshake by thetauche


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This is my bro. He sells stuff on Ebay. Some of his stuff is very rare and valuable indeed, such as decades old Magic the Gathering cards (he had a Mox Diamond which he just sold for $18.00), game systems (an Atari, not yet selling), and other collection/gaming cards (Yugi-Oh, Pokémon, Digimon, etc.)--> :iconfnrrfygmschnish:


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Hi, thanks for the llama 🌸

Coffee Cream Confectionery - Main menu
Wave dance

Happy birthday! :D 🎂

Good evening, it's me Animeria a.k.a Kira.

I really am hoping that your doing okay, and in being safe. I'd been busy with things since the years we last spoke, but to be honesty, I've really been in missing talking to you, plus in missing seeing some of your soft vore artwork on your other DA profile: SpidersVore. To this, I honestly wish to apologize of my time in rushing and all, but I have completely changed and have reflected on my actions, asking for forgiveness and a chance to be your friend. Can you please forgive me, and to let us try to become friends again? I will give you a lot of time to think about this. Have a good night and keep doing your best in your stories and artwork :cling:

^u^ Apology accepted very happily--honestly, the few times you asked about things were much less stressful than the strangers who were a lot more blunt >.< I wish more of the people who followed that old account were like you, tbh.

Feel free to comment all you like and note me if you want to ask anything particular!

Thank you very much :huggle:

Thank you for the llama! If you would like to see more of my work, please consider watching me! ♡♡♡

Nice set up you have here,