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The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Another of the X-Men month commissions from Robert Atkins :iconratkins:, this time, The Sentinel, long time enemy and bitch to mutants everywhere!!

Lineart by :iconratkins:

Colours by me, 2099 :D

Check out Roberts Blog to keep up with his daily sketches and published goodies...


More to come.


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If I was a mutant and there was a sentinel in the same zip code area as me, I would just get paralized with fear, find a corner, crawl up in a fetil position, and slowly rock back and forth. I kid you not.
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Very awesome job on the worm's eye view! :la:
Why do giant robots like sentinels look like their in their underwear or wearing spandex
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what on God's green earth does it take to power that thing!?!!? ( dont say duracells )
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So much awesome sauce!!
Amazing work!! :iconclapplz:
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This is fucking awesome! It truly captures the intimidating presence of the sentinel and all of it's destructive glory.... all it wants though is a friend... you see what he's doing? Yupp, that's a high five!
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Haha, thanks for checking it out, glad you like it. Took me a while to figure out what to do with it, but i'm pleased with how it turned out :D
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You should be after all this Goliath is perfectly represented :D hahaha
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I like sentinesl is not his fault been program like that. I will like me an amry of thoes.
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whoa, gonna need a bigger laser
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cool color job!
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Awesome use of colors ,...nicely done.
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Dang that is good! How does one get a commission?
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One must simply note me :D Thanks
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