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The Jokers Gamble coloured

EDIT - Just a massive thanks to everyone who faved and commented on this, there were quite a few in my inbox and working through them all has been rad.

The Jokers Gamble by Chris Stevens ([link])... I cant begin to tell you how much I love this guys work, i'm sure you've all seen it before though :D

The pencils and inks are both his and were both stunning to work with, colours by me. I had coloured some of his lines before (Batman vs. Solomon Grundy, in the gallery) but I was feeling new to it back then, and I felt a little more confident with it this time. Its the classic Joker, so I stuck with those colours and really wanted the focus on the threat against the fish! I hope it works... anyway, its up for critique, I guess I should start using the feature... be nice :D

Theres a few things that might need a fix but I have gone blind to the image after staring and forgetting whats next haha.

Hope you all like, I know everyone likes a Joker.

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I like how the colors on Batmans fist create an immediate sense of depth.
IMO, the fish is lost in this image. The values of the fish's head are too similar to the values on the Jokers shirt & vest, and the values of the fish's body decrease to become too similar to the values of the jacket. There is a similar ( though not as prominent ) problem with the gun.
I also don't get a sense of a consistent light color. The highlights on the shirt are a much cooler color than the highlights on the hands and face.
Reducing the saturation of the purple and green on the Jokers suit may help to bring more attention to the fish and gun.