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Well.... I'm pretty tired after this :)

This is my first full digi paints over a sketch. Got rid of the Sketch layer completely pretty early on and just checked it for reference from time to time. The Superb sketch was from Joey Vazquez (A rising M.Turner... RIP), which in turn was done for the characters creator... Juan Fernandez (Fantastic comic colourist and some crazy sculpted busts)! Check out both of their galleries, very up and coming, although I know that they have plenty of followers already ;)

Joeys (spiderfreak818) gallery - [link]

Juans Gallery - [link]

This was around 9 hours... I'm not really sure how to approach the whole digi paint thingy, its daunting definitely! But, I found it was okay in the end, Lasso is my new new best friend, coincidentally he was already my best friend, but now moreso haha!! I love the design on the character, reminds me of my old avatar on CoH.... OverKilla! Gotta dig the hints of Magneto/Iron Man/Night Thrasher, but totally its own design, I'm really loving it... wish Juan would hurry up and make a damn comic to keep me sated
I Like it, I know its got some flaws in there... when is anything perfect anyway :P

Hope you guys like... and double the radness for you guys today XD

The character here (Penitence) is the property and copyright of Juan Fernandez.
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