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Lineart by the fantastic Felipe Watanabe ([link])... heres the original too ([link])

Oh, and if you dont go and haunt his immense gallery I will hunt you down, his work is very underrated from what I can see... I want to see at least 2000 pageviews in the next hour for him haha. Cheers guys :D

Colour by Moi, 2099. (colours may be different to actual Ultimate costume, couldn't find any decent refs!!)

Saw it, HAD to colour it! I was looking for something a little more similar to Lienil Yu's work and this just jumped out at me. It was an experiment of sorts, trying a more cuts based approach to the colours... its a damn sight quicker! I finished this up in just over 2 hrs including the damned flats (I hate flatting).

Added some touches over the lineart to bring it out, sitting back it looks just like all my other stuff, even though my approach was completely different... might do some more stuff like this soon, it was a nice change.

Hope you all like,

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