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Mystique by night

Pencils and Inks by the Uber SuperMillard ([link])... he's only got a small gallery but some lovely work in it!

Colours by myself, 2099 :)

I really wanted to have a go at female characters after a friend of mine commented on the fact that I only seem to colour male characters... A challenge hmmmm!

So yeah, he said his fave was Mystique, good choice really, very sexy lass! I found this after hunting for a while, and set myself up to colour it.... it took ages! I was starting to hate it after a while, but I took a couple days away from doing any work as a kind of refresh, and just came back to it with renewed vigour. I have been loving my washed out look lately, losing the definition a little, so I ket that in mind and worked concentrating on the light and the mood I was going for.

I think it turned out well, it looks like how I wanted it to look and thats good.

Hope you guys like... oh and thanks to SuperMillard for providing the provocative imagery.

Characters are copyright of Marvel.
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Who could ever resist such a dark ocean skin goddess?