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Iron Man 26 cover coloured

Pencil by Quesada, inks by Tim Townsend ([link]), heres the link to the original inks... ([link]).

I felt lately that I needed to step up a little more, so I found this recently from Tim and was just like'whoa'... 90's Iron Man was Killa! So yeah, I dedicated a fair portion of the last week to doing this justice. The inks were so good, its no wonder Tim's where he is today! And the pencils...Quesada, nuff said really! Really enjoyed myself putting this together, lineholds nightmare... it got pretty gnarly with layers too, but I kept it tame grrrrr :D

Hope you all dig the colours overall, its hard finding the strength the sort 10 light sources on a metallic figure lol!

Rad... and thanks to Tim Townsend for posting this up for practice :)
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This work by Quesada is of the most epic takes on Iron Man there is! Awesome pinup! He's one my idol heroes of the century!