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Hulk and Daredevil

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Pencils - David Finch
Inks - Ernestj23 ([link])

Colours by myself.

Hope you like. The inking job by Ernestj23 was great as it really defined Finch's original sketch (...which was awesome too, as always for Finch). I had a lot of fun with this, just painting the Hulk was satisfaction enough (This is only like my 6th colouring using the tablet and just painting... trying to cut out all the crappy PS effects that I was forever using).

Sadly no background, but to be honest the characters stood out so well on plain white that I was almost tempted to leave it at that... curiosity got the better, and some subtle speed lines emerged in the end.

Thanks to ernestj23 and Finch.

Copyright of characters belongs to Marvel.
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The details are excellent. I love the textures on DD's suit. And the Hulk is...well...incredible! All the muscles and his little buzz cut of hair. I wonder what the 2 of them could possibly be fighting together?
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Thanks for getting through the gallery to even reach this piece lol. No one ever sees the older stuff... This was really early for me, and I was always thinking of how Daredevil should have a suit with the same texture of the Flash from the movie, that felt texture with the added leathers. I think it was a bit too much, or maybe the pic isn't really finished. They are fighting for the last available copy of Kick-Ass #6... Nicholas Cage has stolen it and is threatening to make his own film version of it where he is the lead! He must be stopped at all cost ;)
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Still, it's a great work. They both look great. Yes, I heard about the "Kick-Ass" movie. I've never heard of the character, but after what he did to Ghost Rider, I don't want Nicholas Cage touching another superhero.
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damn right... hes not attatched to Kick-Ass, dont worry! The world is safe, hopefully he make a 'knowing' sequel or ten to keep him off the radar!!
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You sir, are amazing.
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Thanks, your gallery is sick lol! Great photo manipulation... love the dark and twisted stuff.
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Hey, can I recomend you to write something on the drawing? some short text, anything that describe the moment. In a text box, like it's part of a comic book.
Mmm... Maeby it's not your thing, and I'm talking nonsense, but I would really like to see a little text in some of your drawings (like that REALLY amazing Spiderman).
Good bye!
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I dunno really!!! I would like to add some text I guess... see most of my work as cover art (as it takes too long for me to bust out 2 pages a day... not that i've tried mind).

I'll have a go, soonish, on something with a lttle more need for text.
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Nice coloring touches man! :clap:
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Thanks alot man, I decided its not finished yet now... gonna add a few lowlights over the inks to bring it up a bit!
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Excelent colours!good job!
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Thanks man, much appreciated... I still think it needs some extra lighting and details, but its was getting late :)

I'll be sorting that out later methinks.
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