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Hulk Asunderer coloured

Hulk Asunder #1 cover

This was done very quickly inbetween a page and a commission for the Color Battle over at :iconbattle-artist: I've wanted to take part in one of their battles for ages, since I saw the group (I love a bit of competition). I had 10 days, but I knew that i'd get bogged down so I took a few hours last night, and added in some tweaks this morning.

Lines by the legendary Marc Silvestri

Inks by the awesome Joe Weems :iconjoeweems5:

Flats by my olde buddy Fernando :iconjotazombie:

Colours by me, 2099!

Just went with my first idea and had alot of fun. There's bits i'd redo and change if I had a bit more time, but i'm happy overall. Its pretty close to the original cover I guess too, but what the heck (I had to have a peek for curiositys sake) ;)

Hope you like it guys :D

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This is very good. I hope with all my coloring practice I can be just as good as you are
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You'll get there, its just time, time and time... and then a bit more time :D
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this is sensational!
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Thanks a lot mate :D
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THAT'S REAL TRUE BAD MOTHA FUGGA RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spidermanfan2099's avatar
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omg! I'm lost for words! instant fav!
AsGaRDiaN28's avatar
This is sick! I love it! Very intense pic.
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damn this looks good.....
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alright sooo since you where one of the guys that talked me into coloring this one too i just want you to know mine is better than yours !!!! ha ha
spidermanfan2099's avatar
you bastard... okay, just don't hit me ;)
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haha... just think my brother i still going to loose to tim... that brother got some serious skill oozing out every exit point haha... it would be interesting to match up against each other on the next one....

haha btw thanks for the refernce piece to use lol

how you been?
spidermanfan2099's avatar
I think its pretty evenly matched at the mo for you both tbh. Just gonna come down to that ugly thing called opinion later ;) I've been good, staying busy, but not getting alot of time for internet stuff (I throwin an odd comment when I can... I dont want to disappear completely).

I'll take you down like its fightNight, all nasty smack talk and farting in your inbox :P
rcardoso530's avatar
Cool cool si.... yeah I hate that ol opinion thang .....

Haha dude I just about pissed myself cause u and I would know we messing around but haha everyone else would think we be serious hahah ...I would still win cause someday when I grow up I will fight in the kumatae and make my daddy proud ....hahahah
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Damn you on getting that Bloodsport reference in haha!

'You are NEXT!' (imagine me with an evil glare!!!!)
rcardoso530's avatar like that hmmmm haha I was pissing myself while I wrote that....

Haha that's okay.... I will stay away from your right leg and go for the gut cause u are soft there .....
spidermanfan2099's avatar
You are not a Tanaka!
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Great...I love this! The sky background and the smoke texture is the best out of all the entries! Awesome job man!
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