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Green Arrow

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Green Arrow

A colour commission from a while back from Robert Atkins :iconratkins:, it was used as a con print recently.

Pencils and inks by :iconratkins:

Colours by moi!

Flats by Fernando :iconjotazombie:

I had completely forgot to post this up, I have a fair few bits like that, just gathering dust in a 'completes' folder... more to come over the day. Robs work is something I feel I dont suck on haha ;)

Hope you guys all like, and i'll try and get round to the tide of messages I got recently asap :D

Cheers and Rad!
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Yep. That's Ollie!
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Sweet coloring dude. Props!
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Excellent work!
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i love this so much! i'm totally digging the colors and the motion is awesome! (:
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :D
kohaku-dono's avatar
Fantastic! I love the motion!
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :D
sebastianhaze's avatar
very cool great work, nice colors
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Cool, thanks alot mate :D
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That is so awesome...
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Very heroic and awesome dewd.

I like this.

And thank you kindly for your submission to "In The Panels"

:iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels:

If at all possible, please consider joining.
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Atkins is a really awesome and so are you.
I love the noise filter over the artwork. It gives the piece a more natural look.
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Thanks dude. Robert is awesome, agreed :D and that filter is just a vintage texture overlay, unifies the piece for me, and lets me work in a colour toning process at the same time. I cant seem to stop doing it anymore ;)
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oh, from the picture's size I assumed it's a multiplied "add noised" overlay.
I usually use that when I paint foodshots or retouch and composit photos.
what does this texture look like? did you create it yourself or bought it from a texture site?

you shouldn't stop it.
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I made it from a few different ones I found (might be one I scanned too). You can search 'vintage stock' in google images (make sure its on 'large') and you'll find similar ones. I use noise in areas where I want more texture in that look, but I have about 200 textures stored away which I use quite a bit :D
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thanks that's really helpful, dude ^^
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Its no problem dude :D
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