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Fantastic Four - First Family



Pencils by Steve McNiven, Inks by Mark Morales... colours so far by me.

I'm struggling with the Torch here... I literally dont really know how to deal with that flame surrounding him....! I'm ok about Susan and Thing so far (details to go obviously!)

Any suggestions welcome, otherwise i'll just be cracking on with it and finishing it anyway... I just dont want to produce something below my par and then lose motivation, which is what always happens when I do something which I think is wack.

Not a great mood right now lol!

EDIT - Added some lighting contrasts and getting there with the torch... glows will be the last step and i'm sure they will pull it all together, but am at least a little happier now (phew, motivation remains!)

EDIT - FINISHED!!...? No it is. This was hard, I started with an idea and somehow it just kept evolving. I was looking at a lot of tutorials picking certain bit up and adding/redo-ing as I went along. I'm actually really pleased with it, quite light for usual colouring, has a subtle dramatic light from multiples and I was honestly thinking it wasn't going to work... but I think it has:/

Hope you all like.

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Look at this tutorial. [link]

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Draco + Harry Process by *Samurai-PET on deviantART

I hope this helps