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A small commission for my mate Dave :iconstokesbook:, over his Dardevil lines of late. Love Daves work, and there's just never enough of it!

Lines by Dave Stokes :iconstokesbook:

Colours by me, 2099!

There's a slightly tweaked version that Dave did for his sketchbook cover, with the sonic radar lines, so he could fit it to match the title text. Like he did with his sketchbook cover from last year with Cyclops. It looks great, and you can check that out here, and maybe find your way to getting an awesome sketchbook from Dave :D


Hope you like it!

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can i use your art to my preference???
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No. I'm just the colourist, the art belongs to the artist or commissioner. Sorry!
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great collaboration piece!
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Sweet job on this man! I loved this piece when Dave first posted it and you really added to it!
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Thanks Nate, I was gagging to colour this as soon as I saw it... clearly the fates aligned and Dave was poked in the right direction ;)
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I love it when a plan comes together!
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Great collab. Looks like classic DD! The best. Reminds me of my personal favorite run by David Mazzucchelli in the 80's. Sorry, showing my age :)
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That's cool, glad you like it mate :D
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Thanks Josh, appreciate it :D
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You da always. Hopefully, post LSCC, I'll have some more Mr Stokes goodness coming your way soon.
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Bring it all on mate, can't wait :D
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Very nice work on this :)
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This came out really nice!
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