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Another of the X-Men sketch commissions from Robert :iconratkins:. Check out Roberts Blog by the way, its updated daily with new goodies :D


I got to do 2 Cyclops costume versions, but this was my favourite of the 2, I like how this one turned out.

Lineart :iconratkins:

Colours by me, 2099.

Hope you like it :D

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I love the "swing" on this!
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Sweet colors!
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Cool! Awesome work! =D :happybounce:
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Wow great pose for Cyclops!
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Thanks, more to do with Robert's skills... but i'll take it haha :D
is it cool if I use this image in my photo collage for school? They said I can't do any copyright stuff and I would get docked heavely if I did. Its just for a school project. please answer soon =)
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Well, this is copyrighted stuff really. Robert Atkins (the artist) retains the rights to the work, and Marvel retains the rights to the characters. If you get docked for copyrighted work, this won't do you any favours i'm afraid! :/

Ask Robert though and see what he says (link is in the description).
yeah my class says they have to have a free to mix thing and this site is no copyright and stuff and if I do any copyright then I get docked a lot of points.
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Most of this site is copyrighted works actually... nearly everything in my gallery is copyrighted to publishers like DC, Marvel, Habro or Mattel. You need to look for things drawn by people that have never been used for any commercial purposes, and who are willing to let you use their work.
so would robert atkins be one of those?
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Not really, as this work is copyrighted to Marvel, you need an unlicensed character to avoid major copyright issues.
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No problemo, no problemo man.
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Masterpiece I love it
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This is excellent :)
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