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Booster and Blue

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

The real Dynamic Duo... well, to me anyway. I got hooked on these 2 during the 90's, and pretty much bought most of what they were appearing in. I was crushed when I saw Ted get killed. One of the only times I had to re-read the scene 5 mins later just to make sure haha :D

Nice colour commission for me from Robert :iconratkins: over his 2 JLA month pieces combined into this one piece for prints.

Lineart by Robert Atkins :iconratkins:

Check out his gallery, and also his blog at...


Colours by me!

Hope you like it guys ;)

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hes coming back
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You rock Simon !
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Best partnership ever!
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The greatest duo on comics! Nice colors!
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Definitely, and thanks :D
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Your colors never cease to astound and inspire. Nice work!
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Glad you like mate, thanks alot :D
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Awesome job guys !
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Dude, I Totally Agree With You These Two Were The Best Pairing EVER!! I Remember Reading An Issue Of JLA Where They Got Bored With Monitor Duty And Teleported Themselves To Where The Rest Of The League Were, Only They Had Their Costumes All Mixed Up And Backwards Screaming About How The Teleporter Malfunctioned And They Were Gonna Die,LMFAO!!!
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Too many funny stories with these 2. I have no idea what is going on in this new dc 52 universe, so I don;t know if they bought Ted back, I hope they do, but they best not mess about with him if it happens... there needs to be a special one shot book about how Booster reunites with Ted or something. Bromance of the century ;)
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You should read the New 52 though, some books are brilliant.
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Its all about time and money man. Working in comics leaves you no time and very little money ironically (well, at the start of working in comics at the very least).
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Hell Yes, I Agree!!
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really awesome
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you just don't see enough booster gold these days :) great work.
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