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Another of the X-Men month commissions from Robert Atkins :iconratkins:.

Lineart by :iconratkins:

Flats by Fernando :iconjotazombie:

Colours by me, 2099 :D

Ah, descriptions... do I need to do anymore talking for these X-Men pieces? You guys know whats going on and that I love doing these straight pin-ups ;)

Just check out Robert Blog to keep up with his daily sketches and published goodies...


More to come.


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He's like Darksied's Brother
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Darksied wish he could be Apocalypse!
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If superman fought Apocalypse, he'd turn superman's bones into Kryptonite
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Woah, just how powerful is Apocalypse?
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Marvel Wiki
Apocalypse's full extent of powers remain to be revealed, especially to the extent of which powers have since been augmented by alien technology. Apocalypse claims to have control of his body on the molecular level-- allowing him to shape change and elongate with virtually unlimited range, to increase density and allow his body to mimic metals and armors, to teleport, and to be virtually immune to the effects of age. Apocalypse can also increase his strength to levels surpassing that of the Hulk, grow to giant sizes, and gain the power of flight, sometimes through turning his arms into wings or jets. Apocalypse can also transform himself into a variety of human disguises.

He has exhibited energy absorbing and projecting abilities in the past. Apocalypse has been termed an "External," due to his mutant ability of immortality. Briefly, Apocalypse has shown potential to be a powerful psionic.

It has further been hinted that Apocalypse's body is ravaged by a techno-organic disease. Many of his regenerated bodies must use an exoskeleton body armor to prevent his energies from consuming him. Apocalypse can apparently merge/switch host bodies to continually revive his self-consuming body.

More on…
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But compared to Superman, isn’t Apocalypse weaker than him? I mean Superman has moved the earth with his hands!
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One of Apocalypses powers it the ability to absorb other powerful beings and steal their abilities. In canon he has absorbed all of the Celestials, the Norse gods, and the Greek Gods. I think he's strong enough if not stronger, on top of that he's a psionic, he could get inside superman's brain and mess with his mind or tear him apart by the atom.
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great work!

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Thanks again dude :D
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Awesome one of Apoclpyse here
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Wow Nice coloring!
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