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Spider-Man and Black Cat coloured by spidermanfan2099 Spider-Man and Black Cat coloured :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 678 46 Yuletide Booster by spidermanfan2099 Yuletide Booster :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 40 3 Spidey warm up by spidermanfan2099 Spidey warm up :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 132 13 Endeavor by spidermanfan2099 Endeavor :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 133 9 Ringside #9 page 18 by spidermanfan2099 Ringside #9 page 18 :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 9 2 Ringside #9 page 17 by spidermanfan2099 Ringside #9 page 17 :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 11 0 Ringside #9 page 15 by spidermanfan2099 Ringside #9 page 15 :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 7 0 Ringside #9 page 11 by spidermanfan2099 Ringside #9 page 11 :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 7 0 Ringside #9 page 6 by spidermanfan2099 Ringside #9 page 6 :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 7 0 GCP Ep100 Battle Scene by spidermanfan2099 GCP Ep100 Battle Scene :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 44 7 Daredevil Cover coloured by spidermanfan2099 Daredevil Cover coloured :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 204 20 The Thing vs Champion by spidermanfan2099 The Thing vs Champion :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 86 8 Mister Miracle vs Hela by spidermanfan2099 Mister Miracle vs Hela :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 121 2 Orfass by spidermanfan2099 Orfass :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 79 6 Barron Redheart by spidermanfan2099 Barron Redheart :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 68 5 Taft Sturgeon cover by spidermanfan2099 Taft Sturgeon cover :iconspidermanfan2099:spidermanfan2099 20 5
Latest, and sometimes greatest! :D




Spider-Man and Black Cat coloured
I really should upload some stuff more often... I've got months of uploads to put up, from years back. Its just such a slog haha!

Warm down from last year, with  lines from J. 'Scott' Campbell :iconj-scott-campbell:... you all know who he is surely, if not go at take a look at his work.

Inks from Leo Vitalis :iconleovitalis:, also check out his work, lovely inks.

Colours from me, couple hours over a few nights.
Spidey warm up
Quick and loose Spider-Man warm up from last year over the lines of Tony Gregori (Karma Police, Taft Sturgeon, Deuce of Hearts)... he's on all the usual sites, except DA (tsk!!). Go check him out or try and grab some books of his, great style.

Colours from me, hope you like it :D
In light of the return of My Hero Academia with season 3, it felt only fitting I should post this one up! Caught this Endeavour inked piece over at Jennyson Allan Rosero's  page :icon2ngaw: . Some great stuff there, go take a peek and drop a watch.

Just a warm up from a while back, so much stuff to post!!

Hope you like it :D
Ringside #9 page 18
Ringside #9, from Image comics.

Lines by Nick Barber :iconnicksketchbook:, with colours by myself! Written by Joe Keatinge.

RINGSIDE is an ongoing series set within the world of professional wrestling, written by JOE KEATINGE (SHUTTER, GLORY, TECH JACKET) and drawn by acclaimed illustrator NICK BARBER, combining the ensemble drama of THE WALKING DEAD with interconnected rotating perspectives akin to The Wire. Each issue will explore the relationship between art and industry from the view of the wrestlers themselves, the creatives they work with, the suits in charge and the fans cheering them all on. But that's just the beginning. The real violence is outside the ring.

Issue #9 is out now in all good comic book stores, and online digitally through Image and Comixology. Go get some! The TPB for the first arc 'Kayfabe' is already instores now, collecting the first 5 issues... along with the second TPB, 3rd coming very soon. All 15 issues in a glorious collected 3 volumes... bliss!
So, I tried to get up to date with my comments today and last night... what a joyous idea! Having over 800 comments to reply to seemed like a totally do-able idea at 1am, what a fool I was. I got about 60 in, and just had to admit it was gonna be a long slog, filled with seemingly insincere copy and pastes of the word 'Thank you!' towards the end.

So I 'll just go all in right now, save the world valuable 2099 seconds (haha, yeah right), and say a massive thanks to everyone who's viewed/commented/followed me of late. I do really appreciate all the support, especially right now (sleepy, post-baby slump in my work). Its good to see the community is still so active. Lots of new faces, but still the old members haunting the place, which is why I love this site!

Hope everyone is super well :D
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