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go check out my th!! feel free to offer on ANY characters (except sonas) !! i really need money so go wild yall
paypal is very very highly preferred but i may accept points, please no art/design offers rn
please feel free to tag me in ur wishlists guys!!! its honestly so flattering to have my art wanted by people haha <3 of course i cant guarantee you'll get any art from me bc my moods have been. pretty wild lately and ive been really bad about drawing regularly but!!!! i WILL try my best to make yall happy this year!! <3
it makes me really depressed to look back on how i used to be all obsessed with art and i wanted to go to art school and be an artist for a living and shit like that. because now im starting to realize that im not passionate about art anymore. its just kinda something i do. and i see my friends talking about art college and drawing wonderful stuff every day and they're so passionate!!! and im so happy that they've found their place in the world but!!! i used to be like that too!!! but now im not im just!!! stupid and lost and i dont belong here frankly. i mean i know ive been falling out of art for the past two years or so, drawing much less often than i used to and all that. but it really hurts because like,, this was me??? like art WAS me not long ago. like i basically defined myself by doing art. "hi im sam i like to draw!!!" but that's not me anymore and i?? i just miss the simpler times because now ive gone and fucked my whole brain up and filled it with unhealthy thoughts. and now i honestly dont fucking know what im even doing anymore just?? in general??? like my heart is pulling me in a dozen different directions and none of them work with each other and i honestly kinda wish i was never born. then i wouldnt have to deal with this dumb universe. but thats just me.

im sorry im such a damn mess guys im just upset that i cant draw cartoon dogs no more. !!!!! go ahead and look through all my folders bc i know i have a ton of ocs that never get any love that could find much better homes with u guys!!!

-you can offer on ANYONE except the characters in the "SONAS" folder !!! those are NFS/T!!!
-if you see a design that you made and you want it back, ill gladly return it to you!! (if i dont want to keep it lol)
-if you see a design made by yourself or someone you know who doesn't want it to be resold/traded/etc, PLEASE tell me!! i have a hard time keeping track of that and i really don't want to upset anybody!!
-i think there are a few characters with set prices on them so those are the only money/point amounts ill take for them
-i will be much more willing to part with characters that are in the "FOR SALE" folder than the ones in the other folders, but feel free to offer on them anyway!!
-be warned that i probably will not be willing to sell characters that have backstory/extensive bios/more than one piece of art by me
-please don't be offended if i don't accept your offer or tell you that i'm not willing to part with a character; it's nothing personal!!

what you can offer in order of most wanted to least wanted:
paypal/points/art/premade characters
PLEASE do not offer customs or art slavery!!!

first come first served!! please comment below to offer <3
HI HERE WE GO!!!! PLEASE read everything before you buy!!!
I will accept points and PayPal for these, however PayPal is greatly preferred!! 100:points:=$1
ALSO!! Please note that all patches will have an iron-on backing from now on; I don't do pinback anymore because I've had shipping problems with them in the past. Sorry if this is an inconvenience !!!


Patch Comm Examples by spiderliings

HEADSHOT - $6/600:points: (you can choose to have it with the character's name or without)
FULLBODY - $8/800:points:
Shipping outside of the US is $1 extra!!

Please fill out this form when ordering:
type of patch (headshot, headshot w/ name, or fullbody):
method of payment:
character ref:
pose/expression (optional):
what country are you located in?: (this is for shipping reasons; shipping outside of the US is $1/100:points: extra)

These will be mailed to you!! You can provide an address by note after I finish your commission.

What I Can't Do:
-Overly complex designs (feel free to ask me if you're unsure if a design is too complicated)
-Designs with more than 10 colors
-Small parts (i.e. jewelry, small markings, freckles, etc.)

What I Can Do:
-Any animal or creature (however I work best with ferals and anthros)
-Pretty much anything that I haven't listed on the "What I Can't Do" list
(Also please note that light colored and simple characters turn out the best!!!)

1. hibounoir (instagram) - headshot
2. thrallath - headshot
3. thrallath - fullbody
4. Iighters - headshot
5. thrallath - fullbody

Please let me know if I forgot to put anything on here and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!!!
hi uhm sorry i haven't been active on here at all recently
imma be honest,, i havent drawn anything digitally for like 2 weeks bc im currently absorbed as fuck into the office
its such a good show,, i just want to watch it forever,,,,
like today i literally did nothing but eat and watch the office and the life aquatic
idk when im gonna post anything again bc finals are coming up and shit is busy and i still have 6 seasons of the office to get through so (shrugs)
i havent done any journal memes in a rly long time and everybody's doin this one so hi

- primary name: Sam
- alternate names/nicknames: Moray, Iggy, Sai, Spider
- gender: nonbinary
- pronouns: they/them but i wont attack u if u dont use em
- birthday: January 17
- zodiac sign: Capricorn
- kintypes (if applicable): none

- height: 5'4'' ??
- eye colour: brown
- hair colour: brown
- tattoos?: none
- piercings?: ears but the holes closed lmao
- favourite outfit: black jeans, Rush shirt, black hoodie
- have you dyed your hair?: nope
- long or short hair?: long

- sexual orientation: asexual
- romantic orientation: panromantic
- relationship status: single
- romantic partner (s) (if applicable): my spider
- platonic partner (s) (if applicable): all my friends??
- best friend: i have quite a few tbh

personality/are you..
- nice or mean?: i like to think im nice??
- honest or deceptive?: honest??
- excitable or calm?: depends on who im around
- happy or discontent?: happy!!
- violent or relaxed?: relaxed
- good or evil?: good??
- shy or outgoing?: shy af
- friendly or disagreeable?: friendly i think!!

- tv show: Sherlock
- anime/cartoon: Gintama, Voltron, CatDog, Chowder,, i have so many
- musician(s): Def Leppard, MGMT, Chicago, literally everyone
- music genre: classic rock and also everything else
- author: idk if i have one actually??
- book/series: Lord of the Flies
- comic: Tamen de Gushi i guesS
- youtuber: Game Grumps !!!!
- hobby: drawing and taxidermy
- colour: black n blue
- animal: eel n spider
- weather: rainy!!
- scent: petrichor and nice candles
- store: idk??
- season: fall/winter
- holiday: halloween
- time of day: depends??
- character: Hikaru Kusakabe and Sherlock Holmes :^)
- food: crab

- religion: i dont rly have one rn
- believe in magic?: idk??
- believe in an afterlife?: yes
- believe in reincarnation?: yeS
- ghosts?: ye s
- angels and demons?: yes
- karma?: kinda??
- aliens?: YES
- cryptids/urban legends?: some of them
- biggest fear: getting murdered/kidnapped probably

- physical health: shitty
- mental health: p okay
- have you ever been hospitalized?: yea
- broken a bone?: no thank fuck
- gotten stitches?: yep
Untitled by spiderliings
this is my cat Binx. he's been with me most of my life and I honestly can't imagine life without him.
don't worry, he's not dead. he's just the sweetest, most loving cat i've ever known and i wanna talk about him.
so earlier today i had like,, a full on breakdown bc of a school project. but yknow what this fuckin cat did???? he meowed at me and followed me around as i paced and loathed and cried and i went and pet him and he rubbed his head all over me and comforted the hell outta me!!!!! and he does this every!!!! time!!! im upset!!!!! he just KNOWS when i need comforting and he knows to keep his distance when i need a little space and he's!!!!! such !!!!!!! a!!! gOOD !!!! BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like!!!!! man this is so cheesy/sad depending on your viewpoint but!!!! this fuckin cat is my best friend in the whole world i stg and i love him so much it physically hurts,, he's so good to me and he's such a sweetheart and i adore every ounce of his being and im so grateful for his existence,, i love u Binx
<da:thumb id="657170489"/><da:thumb id="657170489"/><da:thumb id="657170489"/>
my buddy StormNightshade needs money for art supplies for school!! she'd really appreciate it if you could help out or at least spread the word!!! thank ya! <3
all the characters here are for sale!!…
if you see a character that you owned previously or one that you designed and you want it returned to you/not sold, i'll gladly do so!!
you're also free to look through the rest of my and offer on other characters, however it's not likely that i'll sell anyone who isn't in the FOR SALE folder!!

Also, please note that the character does not belong to you until all parts of the payment have been completed (i.e. art made, money/points sent, etc.)

Please comment on this journal to offer/buy!!
Things you can offer in order of preference:
PayPal>art>points>other characters
please do not offer customs or art slavery!!

i've got plenty of different species here now and some of them have been collecting dust for so long that i'd probably give them away for free if you asked
if those really old characters don't go here i'll probably end up throwing them into the abyss or something as sad as it is :''
HI okay so this is a lil late but i thought i might as well make one anyway!!

i love + appreciate every piece of art I receive!! and i love getting art omg <33
I love art of any and all of my characters!!…

i also have an amazon wishlist!!…?
(honestly not expecting to get anything from here but if i did i'd cry)

AND!!! if u really wanna make my year u can buy me some buggies from here!!!…
i will give u the biggest smooch,, and tbh i'd probably draw u something if u asked

if you want to buy me something you can note me and i can provide an address!!
i apologize in advance if this gets weird and preachy or something but i want to talk about this

so not many people know that i really /really/ like lights. especially city lights at night. if i have the opportunity to drive around or go out at night time, i will take advantage of it. for me, seeing a city lit up at night is one of the most magical sights that i can witness. i was lucky enough to get to experience this again tonight and GOD MAN ITS SO PRETTy. it's like literal heaven for me. and i was thinking about what exactly appeals to me about city lights and i think at least one part of it is the sense of unity that comes from a bright city. it's kind of a little reminder, saying like "you're not alone here. there's others just like you moving and breathing and living their lives right here."
maybe i'm just tired but i find that a really beautiful thing?? just like.. a sense of community. loyalty to my species?? idk man
im feeling a lot more sentimental than i usually am so sorry omg
im really sorry if i seem extra apathetic lately
im rly drained from a lot of social interaction and school and aaaa
im just very tired and stressed so i'm sorry if i end up ignoring messages, please don't take it personally!!
i love you all, thank you for understanding <3
i love music
all kinds of music!! i love it all so much it hurts !! and i really try my hardest to never say that a certain song/artist/group is "bad" because even if i don't necessarily like the music, somebody, somewhere worked hard on it in the hopes that people could appreciate it. and i believe that all music (and all forms of art for that matter) deserve to be appreciated.
music is just so!!! SO GOOD !!! it's so neat to me that depending on certain sounds or beats a song can make you feel anything, from happiness, sadness, anger, it's so!!! EXTENSIVE and so full of variety and just so,, creative??
believe me if i had the patience and time to learn a new hobby completely from nothing i'd get into music so fast. i feel like it'd be so satisfying to work on an actual song and then finish it and release it out into the world and!!! you'd get to listen to it and be like "holy shit!!! i did that with my brain!!! and my hands!!! wtf!!!!!"
and i suppose it's the same for art too but?? idk man i just have such an immense appreciation for musicians of every variety. don't get me wrong i appreciate artists just the same but.. i think, because i am an artist, it's more familiar to me so i don't scream and cry over amazing art pieces as much as i do with music (although i do scream and cry over amazing art,, bc i am Painfully Obsessive).
music is such a huge part of my life and it honestly dictates my mood a lot of the time?? i have a certain love for upbeat, fast, happy sounding music that i can listen to and immediately feel confident and content.
and dance,, hoo boy do i love people who dance.
that takes so much skill and practice and effort and a GOOD MEMORY O H MY GOd
like how even do people memorize choreography for a 4 minute song im just
watching people dance never fails to make me happy,, idk what it is about it exactly, maybe just people having a good time?? makes me have a good time?? that would make sense
i'd rather learn music than dance but. from the few zumba classes i've had in school i can fairly say that even if you're bad at dancing it's still fun as all hell
also?? can i just talk about music videos for a hot sec?? like omg. so much work goes into those things and i get sad when they end bc NO !! I WANT MORE DANCINg
watching music videos makes me happy!!! watching people irl dance makes me happy!!! dancing terribly in zumba during PE class makes me happy!!! music makes me happy!!! MUSIC AND DANCING MAKES ME SO HAPPy

thank you for your time
Tagged by :iconfangblade20023: :^)

tag 8+ people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

1. You have to post all the rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and create 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 13 people
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. you have to legitimately tag 13 people
7. Tag backs are allowed
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking ABOUT the entry.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
10. Be creative with the title

1.What is your favorite fictional character? (From anything, literally.)
uhh omg maybe the Batter from OFF ?? or Treasure Knight from Shovel Knight??? i have so many rip

2. Do you think furries are cool?
hell yea boi

3. Anime or Cartoons?

4. If you have Pokemon Go, what team are you on? (Like Valor, Mystic, or Instinct.)
instinct >:^)

5. What is your favorite food?
I really like meat and cake!!

6. Butterscotch or Cinnamon? (I did this just for you.//doesn't like Undertale//)
both yo

7. Would you drink Coke with Milk? (MMM CowCoke ((es good)) )

8. Pizza or Pizza?
neither B^)

9. What's your favorite animal?
all of them,, but if i had to choose!! my faves are eels and spiders

10. Would you rather get hit by an orange, or a butter stick?
an orange ? ? ??? ???

11. Death Metal or Classical Music?

12. Are you tired of my random questions yet?

13. Are you not surprised that I didn't add another horrible question?
nope !

I won't bother making my own questions and tagging people bc im v tired but you guys get it lmao
im uh.. not feelin too well rn
mentally and physically. but mostly mentally
this is mostly aimed at the people that I talk to the most (friends n stuff). like I usually don't talk to anyone much anyway because I suck at everything but like. i just wanted to let you all know
I'll still reply to comments and such and I'll definitely still work on owed art I just?? will be more disconnected than I usually am I guess.
I'm sorry.
IN CASE YOu didn't see my poll im on art fight!!!
i'm going to try my hardest to return every attack this year >:^)
If something is for sale or trade, it'll have an asterisk (*) next to it :^) Click on any picture to go to it's page and see a bigger/higher quality image ! Comment on this journal or note me if you want to purchase something or have any questions please <3 I won't ship internationally, sorry!

Pelts, Furs, Hides, Skins, Faces
Filename by spiderliings
Coyote, "Solomon"
Image by spiderliings
Cross fox, "Fiori"
Image by spiderliings
Opossum, "Oli"
Image by spiderliings
Image by spiderliings
Ring-necked pheasant
Image by spiderliings
6 rabbits, 2 whole ones currently being tanned
Image by spiderliings
*Red fox faces
I may keep the one on the right, but make an offer if you want it qwq
the others are $2 each +$3 shipping!
Open to trades
*Raccoon and raccoon-like.. fox?? faces
Image by spiderliings
The first one is definitely raccoon, the second /might/ be a very interesting fox. Also looks kind of like a tanuki? I'm no professional by any means so it's somewhat of a mystery to me lmao
$2 each +$3 shipping
Open to trades
Image by spiderliings
*Dyed fox faces
The one on the right is not for sale, the black and tan ones are $2 each + $3 shipping
Open to trades
Image by spiderliings
*Coyote faces
Top two are $2 each
Bottom two are SOLD !
All +$3 shipping
Open to trades
Image by spiderliings
Fox faces
The silver colored one is my child don't touch them
I /may/ be willing to part with the gray fox but idk :'v that one's really cute and tiny aa but you can make an offer!
Image by spiderliingsImage by spiderliings
Mouse + small rat
Not tanned, only salted. Missing feet and tails. Both skinned by me. Idk if anyone wants these other than me tbh but you can make an offer?? :'^)
Image by spiderliings
*Full domestic chick skins
In order (left to right) according to quality. All are salted + dried (skin is very papery and delicate) with skulls and feet, the far left one is missing wings (they can be bought separately). Super pretty coloring + really cute !! I have these available but I also have lots of chicks still in the freezer that I haven't skinned yet. If you want a certain color, I can take a look at what I have and skin one for ya :^)
$5 each + $3 shipping
First two are TRADED !
Open for trades
Image by spiderliings
*Incomplete domestic chick skins
These ones are lesser quality (missing heads, wings, legs, have tears, etc) Feathers are nice and soft though!
$1 + $3 shipping
Open for trades
Image by spiderliings
Mourning dove
Incomplete because hoo boy full grown birds are hard to skin.

Image by spiderliings
Fox (maybe coyote?) and raccoon
Image by spiderliings

Image by spiderliings
Male/female pair of atlas moths
Image by spiderliings
Blue morpho
Image by spiderliings
Lotsa butterflies, most unidentified
Image by spiderliings
More bugs !
Image by spiderliings
Unidentified moth
Image by spiderliings
Butterflies I have yet to identify + spread
Image by spiderliings
Big scary beetles
Image by spiderliings
Smaller shiny beetles (green jewels)
Image by spiderliings
Blue death-feigning beetle + green june bug

Image by spiderliings
Skulls (coyote, beaver, skunk, red-eared slider)
Image by spiderliings
Shark jaw (unidentified)
Not bone I suppose but it counts kinda
Image by spiderliingsImage by spiderliings
Random bones that I have yet to clean (right ones are snake)
I have lots of these lol
May be willing to sell/trade some? Let me know if you want individual pics :v

Wet specimens
Image by spiderliings
Dogfish (?) shark pup
Image by spiderliings
Unidentified lizard, fuzzy mouse, adult mouse (lots of discoloration in this one lol) and a domestic chick
Image by spiderliings
Chick feet, rat feet, pinkie mouse, otocinclus catfish (was a pet, their name is Sal) and cute baby lizard

Mummified/petrified/fossilized things
Image by spiderliings
I suppose not technically taxidermy but they're cool anywway
Megaladon tooth + fish fossil
Image by spiderliings
Tiny mummified frog
Image by spiderliings
Cute lil turtle!! Unidentified species (possibly box?)
Image by spiderliings
Unidentified snake
Image by spiderliings
Iffy on selling these, I really like them aa
Far right + the one above it are definitely not for sale but you can make an offer on the others !

I have a lot of random tiny things lol
 Image by spiderliings
*Stray chick leg
$.50 + $3 shipping or make an offer qvq Can be bundled with something else
Image by spiderliings
*Chick heads
I really like these so.. make an offer I guess ;v;

*Chick wings
Cute and fuzzy!
$.50 + $3 shipping or make an offer. Can be bundled with something else
Image by spiderliings
*Bag of fur scraps (4 scraps total)
Sold to me as coyote fur but only one scrap seems like yote. The rest seem like deer?? Idk why I bought this honestly I have no use for it so I'm definitely looking to sell it!
$9 + $3 shipping
Open for trades
Image by spiderliings
*Glass jars
I love these because they're perfect for wet preservation!! I have quite a few of them though so I'd be willing to sell some :^)
$2 each + $3 shipping
Image by spiderliings
A lil gecko, a dragonfly, and a neat beetle in acrylic (I think)
Image by spiderliings
Turtle shell (Unidentified species)
Image by spiderliings
Lots of starfish! Unidentified species
Image by spiderliings
Horseshoe crab molt
I love this a lot
Image by spiderliings
Cute tiny stuffed mole
I love him
Image by spiderliings
Tarantula molt from my pet Muffet <3
Image by spiderliings
Scrap of snake skin
Image by spiderliings
Little crab claws
Image by spiderliingsImage by spiderliings
Lots of gecko sheds from my leopard geckos :'^)
Image by spiderliings
Clam shell
Image by spiderliings
Badger claw

I'm always looking for more neat stuff to add to my collection!! I'm willing to do art trades/commissions for taxidermy as well so if you're interested in that shoot me a note! :^) Thanks for looking ! <3
I love teaching people about taxidermy and things, and insect pinning is honestly something that is super enjoyable in my opinion ! I think anyone can do this as long as they have patience and a somewhat steady hand uwu So this is my process for pinning a butterfly <3

What You'll Need:
Image by spiderliings
  • dried butterflies (or moths)
  • rehydrating chamber w/ paper towel (I just use a tupperware container)
  • spreading board (wood or styrofoam works!)
  • insect pins (I've seen people use regular sewing pins as well, those work fine!)
Not Pictured:
  • forceps (optional, but they help a lot)
  • small strips of paper, anything transparent works best (for holding the wings down)

If you choose to order your insects from an online supplier, they will usually come papered + dry, with their wings folded up.
Image by spiderliings (note that this is not the butterfly I will be spreading here, just an example!)
Since they're dry, they're obviously very fragile. That's why before you do anything, you'll need to rehydrate them first! Rehydrating is the process of relaxing the joints so you can move them around freely without having to worry too much about breaking them off.
Image by spiderliings
*Warning: dead insects do smell a bit after rehydration. I can only describe it as an old, musty odor. It's not too strong and it fades after a little while! Not nearly as bad as a rotting lizard, lemme tell ya.*
Take a tupperware container of appropriate size (or any container you can find that has a lid) and a length of paper towel. Completely soak the paper towel under a faucet with warm water, ring it until it's damp, and spread it out. Make sure you have enough paper towel to be able to fold it over. Place one end of the towel inside your container. Then, carefully remove your butterfly(ies) or moth(s) from their sad paper prison. DO NOT attempt to open the wings just yet! Place them gently in your container after admiring them for a bit. Fold the rest of the paper towel over the insects and securely place the lid on top. Let them sit in there for about a day, for bigger insects it'll take a bit longer (like for an atlas moth, maybe leave them in there for a day and a half). You can take them out periodically to see how much the joints have loosened up. The time it takes for the water to evaporate + for the paper towel to get cold depends on what the temperature is like in the room you're keeping the insects in.

After your insects are pliable and smelly, you'll want to carefully remove them from the container and move them over to your spreading board. You do still have to take some care at this point, as insects are fragile in general and legs + antennae can still be very easily broken off.
Image by spiderliings
For this tutorial I will be spreading a Menelaus Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho menelaus), native to Central and South America. It's roughly the size of my palm when it's wings are spread, I'd recommend a butterfly about this size to start out with (maybe a bit smaller). I've found that larger insects are much easier to position.
You'll want to gently coax the wings apart with your fingers at first, so you can get the initial pin through the thorax. (It's much easier to do this with two hands while you're not taking pictures lol)
Image by spiderliings
You want to place the pin in the center or slightly to the upper right on the thorax. Try your best to make sure the insect or the pin is not crooked. (It was hard to get a picture of me actually placing the pin, so this one is of me holding the pin. You can kind of see where it sticks out of the top of the thorax)
Image by spiderliings
After that, just stick your insect into your spreading board! If you buy a board specifically for spreading, there will be a narrow crevice (is that a good word to use?) in the center of it. This is where you want to place your bug. This makes it so that when you spread the wings, they'll lay flat while the body is underneath them. You want to stick the pin in in such a way that the body is almost fully inside the crevice.
Image by spiderliings
Next, carefully grab one wing and pull it down gently towards the board. Take one of those strips of paper and lay it flat against the wing. This is where transparent paper comes in handy, it allows you to see more of the wing so you can position it better. Hold the paper with your finger (try your best not to move it against the wing) and gently manipulate the wing (with your fingers or forceps) until you get it in the position that you want. Be /very/ careful when using your fingers for this, as it is very easy to rub off the scales on the wings (and lose color) or tear the wings. Here's an example of a butterfly I spread on an off day I guess lmao. The left hind wing was torn pretty badly and I accidentally rubbed off a lot of those scales (indicated by the dull gray-ish coloring, you can see it best on the right hind wing). The right antenna fell off while it was still packaged.

Image by spiderliings
Here's the first wing done! Remember to place the pins as close to the wing as you can, so it doesn't slip, but try not to put a pin right through the wing! They leave nasty holes :'^( If you need to, feel free to place more pins along the side of the wing to keep it steady. You can always reposition a wing if you need it more spread out, or need it to be more symmetrical to match the other one.
Also, do your research!!! If you can identify the species you're working with (or already have it identified), I suggest looking at pictures of living specimens to see how they hold their wings! Of course you can position them however you want, but I generally like to keep them looking alive + relaxed! In the case of this morpho however, I spread the wings out a bit more to show off it's gorgeous coloring *v*

Image by spiderliings
Pin down + position the other wing, try to make it as symmetrical as you can. Admire the butterfly some more because hoo BOY THOSE WINGS !!! GORGEOu s

Image by spiderliings
If you want to, you can position the head + antennae as well! This takes a little more patience, as these sections are smaller and more finicky with how pins hold them. Make sure the antennae are symmetrical as well, and that they're not sticking up too much.

Image by spiderliings
Okay, woo ! You did it man! You pinned a butterfly!! CLAPS
Now you want to place the butterfly + spreading board in a safe, dry place. Don't let your cats get to it, and don't place it where it can easily be knocked over. Leave it out for a few hours at least, they dry and harden pretty quickly.
Image by spiderliings

After it's dried, carefully remove all the pins except for the one in the thorax. If you let it sit out long enough, everything should stay in place once the pins are removed.
Image by spiderliings
Now you can remove it from the spreading board and display it however you want!! Frame it, put it in a box, add it to a collection! Make sure you have it somewhere you can look at it, they're such lovely, gorgeous creatures and deserve to be appreciated!
Image by spiderliings
Image by spiderliings
Image by spiderliings

Have fun collecting cool buggies! There are so many wonderful and colorful species out there, and you can find lots of readily available specimens for taxidermy on Etsy. That's where I get most of my insects. Of course there's whole websites dedicated to dried insect preservation as well, and if you're lucky you may even come across a nice butterfly corpse on your own! All I ask is that you show respect to these deceased, as you are preserving them so that they can be admired for years to come <3
Image by spiderliings

I sure hope this was informative!! And I hope I can get more people to appreciate these lovely insects, and the preservation of their corpses. If any of you guys end up pinning any insects I'd love to see them! :^D Have a nice day and thank you for reading this !!