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    Goose Cloud slid out of his den and stretched. The sun struggled to be seen through the dark clouds.
    Kennedy's Flame padded up to Goose. "Morning. Did you sleep well?"
    Goose nodded. "Morning. And yes, I slept fine. You don't need to ask me every morning."
    Kennedy rolled her eyes. "I insist." She mewed.

    The forest was quiet. A white tom stalked through the undergrowth. A mouse searched the leaves for food. Goose's ears flicked back and he lowered himself so his belly was almost touching the ground. The mouse picked up a beech nut and began gnawing it. Goose lifted his paw slowly, drawing himself even closer.
    ~Just a little closer...~ He thought.
    Goose pressed his paw down.
    A twig snapped under his weight, making the mouse run under a nearby oak.
    With a growl of disappointment, Goose stood. Goose
    Goose Cloud trotted to the tree. He clawed at the roots, stretching his claws and marking his territory. His ears flicked back at the sound of paw steps. Goose whipped around as a ginger she-cat bounded into the area.
    Goose relaxed as he recognized Kennedy's Flame, the clan's healer. Kennedy looked uneasy. "What's wrong?" Goose demanded.
    "It's Death Clan... they're approaching the territory!" Kennedy gasped as she spoke rapidly.
    Goose gaped. "What!?" He yowled. "Which side of the territory?"
    "The southeast." She replied.
    Goose Cloud ran back toward camp, his paws pounding on the forest floor. Kennedy made an attempt to follow her leader.

-Hoi guys! So, I will continue this later. But for now I'm gonna go to bed. :)- Spiderleg03