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Scarlet witch

The resurrected Hawkeye/Clint Barton tracks Wanda to a small city near Wundagore Mountain, where he unknowingly saves her from a thief. Wanda has been living in a small apartment with her only relative, her \"Aunt Agatha\" (who is never seen, but could possibly a manisfestation of Wanda\'s now-dead mentor Agatha Harkness). She appears to be powerless and believes that she has lived her entire life in the city, and does not recognize Hawkeye, nor does she remember being a part of the Avengers or other events. Wanda tells Hawkeye that he was her \"hero\" for dealing with the thief and kisses him, and they spend the night together. The following morning, while Wanda is sleeping, Hawkeye becomes curious about the next room where \"Aunt Agatha\" is supposedly sleeping, but the doorknob appears to shift away from his hands, a subtle reality manipulation usually associated with the Scarlet Witch. However, Clint looks back to see that Wanda is still asleep.

The Scarlet Witch will be featuring in the Mystic Arcana series, in Book III: Water.

Hope you like Soul\'s coloring over my pencils!!
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Finally, a Scarlet Witch that doesn't look like a freaking pornstar.
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I got huge respect for characters, my friend! Thanksfor your cool feedback! :)
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awsome...i love the scarlet witch and this is my favorite pic of here...great job on her reality warping effects
SpiderGuile's avatar
:iconsoul-the-awkward: did an tremendous job on the colors!
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awesome Scarlet Witch
SpiderGuile's avatar
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I really love the pose!!!
SpiderGuile's avatar
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She was another character I liked...til she went all crazy...
Love the pose! You guys make a great team! :highfive:
SpiderGuile's avatar
Soul is the best!!! ;)
SpiderGuile's avatar
Thank you, Shannon!
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i love this story (new avengers #26 was the issue) i did a short sample script to fill in the gaps between the day after clint hooks up with wanda and when clint decides to go back to nyc. Still hoping that someday someone will draw it (someone was suppose to and was planning to use it as a submission to marvel, but thus far it's yet to come to fruition :( Such is life.).

great pencils this looks beautiful.
SpiderGuile's avatar
I know someone who would be the perfect artist for your story!!!
You just have to see if she's available to do it!!
It's :icondrkiriko:, check her awesome page!!!
Good luck, Ielle!!! :)
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I thought this was such a fantastic costume for her. Easily my favorite of the lot, even beating out my previous fave, the Perez 'Gypsy' costume. Great rendition, made more powerful by nice color. Collaboration is great, isn't it? :)
SpiderGuile's avatar
My friend Soul is a huge artist and colorist extraordinaire!!!
Olivier (Coipel) designed that costume, that's why it's her best outfit!! ;)
Collaboration is so damn great for me, these days!!!
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I have that issue and was kinda confused by all that. I didn't really know what was going on but I loved the style it was done it.

I also like this one. She does look rather small thou. Other than that, I applaud you on this one. :clap:
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Glad you like the little Wanda!! lol
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