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Where did everyone go? Apparently DeviantArt is a graveyard.
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Hello, Sydney.
I have returned.  I don't know what that means just yet, but at least it's warm. I'm happy to be seeing old friends and looking forward to meeting new ones. Feel free to drop me a line some time. I do bite, but I tame nicely with regular feeding and contact.
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I'm still in Berlin. Still dreaming. Still trying to work out what to do and how to manage the monetary aspects of my mid-20's day-to-day life. By profession, I'm an IT generalist with communication as my greatest asset. My German is barely passable. My understanding and usage of the German language could be described as 'scooping up a wounded butterfly with a broken backhoe'. This does not lend itself to a fruitful career in a German city. Yes, I can improve my skills.... but what am I going to do to buy food over the next 3 years other than wait tables like a broken university student? Let's not get into the complexities of explaining such a career break to prospective employers. Best to start looking further afield for meaningful employment.

So. Singapore? London? We'll see. I miss my Sydney job so maybe I'll be back there next year when I'm tired of roti canai or long walks through beautiful autumnal forests. *sigh*

In the meantime. New shoots! Enjoy. I'm not really 'down' with the whole commercialization of DevianTart (really? You want how much for membership? My personal hosting bills aren't anywhere near that steep and I get full flexibility) so I might relocate to RedBubble for the community aspect. Or Flickr -  It's kinda handy for pulling down images to a third party website. So... maybe I should stop pretending I'm 'back' on DA. I'm not really. But I do miss my friends on here. :)
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Wow. I'm always amazed how much this place has changed when I've been away for a while. What on earth are 'badges', and why on earth am I a llama? Llamas are cool still I guess. I vaguely remember them being an ongoing joke in the Maxis Sim games, and Silverchair's first album Frogstomp had a picture of one for some reason....

So, I guess I kind of live in Berlin, Germany now. I don't know a single soul here, but I'm okay with that for the time being. My mother is visiting from Australia next week, so I'll be getting a hold of some of my photo equipment again (speed flash etc). Time to get back to work.
Drop me a line if you're in Germany and have time for a coffee and a chin-wag. I'm quite keen to meet people.

I still haven't finished my website, but I do have a blog up. I suck. I'm going to fix that right up.
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Well, maybe there is no need to be so melodramatic. Anyway, hello from wherever I have been the last few years (the land of paid employment, in case you're wondering).

Here is a comprehensive list of reasons for having not posted DA:
- Being swallowed by the corporate beast
- Falling in love (no, not with myself, though you may disagree)
- Having my laptop and DSLR stolen
- Lack of talent
- Fear of Eric's scorn
- Not loving you all enough

Anyway, the bad news is, I still don't have any new works to put up. The good news: I will soon have time to edit photos again. I'm off on another overseas excursion, so stay tuned for more exciting updates from me! (or maybe another 3 years of silence. It remains to be seen...)

In the meantime, I am setting up a travel photodiary. You may enjoy this. You may find me an obnoxious Pastafarian with a penchant for de-saturating her photos and drawing squiggly bird silhouettes. This also remains to be seen.

Perpetual Motion: My Travel Photography Blog

Tschüss, mein Lieblings!
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