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By spidercuffs
I'm still in Berlin. Still dreaming. Still trying to work out what to do and how to manage the monetary aspects of my mid-20's day-to-day life. By profession, I'm an IT generalist with communication as my greatest asset. My German is barely passable. My understanding and usage of the German language could be described as 'scooping up a wounded butterfly with a broken backhoe'. This does not lend itself to a fruitful career in a German city. Yes, I can improve my skills.... but what am I going to do to buy food over the next 3 years other than wait tables like a broken university student? Let's not get into the complexities of explaining such a career break to prospective employers. Best to start looking further afield for meaningful employment.

So. Singapore? London? We'll see. I miss my Sydney job so maybe I'll be back there next year when I'm tired of roti canai or long walks through beautiful autumnal forests. *sigh*

In the meantime. New shoots! Enjoy. I'm not really 'down' with the whole commercialization of DevianTart (really? You want how much for membership? My personal hosting bills aren't anywhere near that steep and I get full flexibility) so I might relocate to RedBubble for the community aspect. Or Flickr -  It's kinda handy for pulling down images to a third party website. So... maybe I should stop pretending I'm 'back' on DA. I'm not really. But I do miss my friends on here. :)
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you need to catch up with 5letters here on DA as well before you leave that place
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After conquering Berlin the only way to go is up up up! Hmmm . . .

It would be lovely to see you back in Sinny, even if for a brief sojourn before you conquer the rest of the planet. Book me in for coffee and bruschetta somewhere.

And if you go to Red Bubble you shall not escape me. I'm there as well.

Enjoy everything (envying her so much!)
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ahhh! my German is dreadful and I've been living in Germany for just over a year now!
However, on saturday night I did manage to hold half a conversation with some drunken idiot, enough to tell him I was English, did not speak German (either he didnt believe this, or it didnt go in, because he kept blathering at me anyway) and that I was cold, did NOT care for his company and that he should piss off! He definitely understood the last part, and did so, and so I was proud of myself! :D
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Congrats on getting rid of the nuisance _in German_. :) I think we always advance, but our confidence decreases as we realise how much more there is to learn.

Yeah, they're the best conversations - drunk or insane people. We had a woman in the pizza shop tonight spouting crazy garbage. Like, talking about a glass of water, how the pizza shop was great but didn't have a bathroom, and then got excited over a picture of John Lennon in the newspaper (yet asked me who Yoko Ono was?!). It's easier to understand people with context, so when there is none, you question what you heard.
So I'm standing there smiling, nodding, and wondering why I think this woman just said something about tap water culture. Apparently I heard correctly....
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Tap water you says? Well... Tap water these days is an intriguing topic what with desalination and whatnot!
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Tap water culture, eh.... I see..... :O_o: Well, who are we to question her?! lol
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