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The first real project I made in college about cosplay, and I can't help but saying I'm really proud of this work, even with the fact I had a 10/20 for it. Not what I expected XD but ok, I can believe it since my finishing off wasn't that great (the glass of my frames had different colors...damn you Blokker!!)

BEHOLD...I present you Douwa:

Project Douwa 1 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 2 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 3 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 4 by SpiderCoffee
Project Douwa 5 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 6 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 7 by SpiderCoffee Project Douwa 8 by SpiderCoffee

For this project I opted to work around cosplay.

But what is cosplay? Cosplay is the abbreviation of costume play. Cosplayers are people who make costumes of a particular character from a manga and/or anime series, a movie, a comic, even original characters and for me also the clothing culture from Japan.

Cosplay derived itself very well to color photography, black and white is very exceptional in this theme, but I like to take the challenge. For me black and white is esthetic and tickles the imagination of the spectator. The spectator can, in turn, begin fantasizing about what colors the costumes might have , etc...

Once upon a time ...

As a child I have always been fond on fairy tales, stories and anime already.
I myself went to a recently cosplay convention(F.A.C.T.S 2010), what I saw there was breathtaking. It is a world where I can escape the reality, in which you can be someone else because you put yourself in a role.

I have my project titled, "Douwa". Douwa is the Japanese word for "fairy tale". What refers to the escape from everydays reality. Also, I've chosen for this designation because I've been inspired by Viona Art. This is a photographer who makes costumes, which are based on the Baroque style, and photographs these at locations such as forests, Castle squares, etc ... making you get a fairy-tale atmosphere. She is also someone who wants to escape the everyday reality by photographing. I also choose for this name precisely because it is a Japanese word. Mangas and anime are typical for Japan.
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Submitted on
August 21, 2012