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Mermaid by SpiderCoffee Mermaid by SpiderCoffee


Photographer & concept: Elias Gubbels  
Camille Marcus(me)
Make-up: Lio Thys
Logo: Larissa Matheus I Arts & Odds
Text: Sébastien Bovie

The relaxing sounds of breaking waves on the rocks. The last sunbeams disappearing at the horizon. The stretched out sandy dunes which separates the beach from the civilized world. Hand in hand with your loved one, you walk along this relaxing scenery. Walking between the in seaweed covered rocks as a small wave reaches your toes. You look up at the ocean, staring into the giant amount of water. As you hear a small weep, like an enchanting song, come from the rocks. You look at your loved one as you decide to investigate the song. The soft humming of a melancholic tune drags you into the maze of rocks and low tide. You cast your eyes on a large tail peeking out from behind a rock. As you turn around you see this starved out humanoid creature. A blue-greyish tail who reaches up until the waist… The waist and upper body is like a human, yet starved to death. What barely looks like a human, and more like a corps as the ribs are easily counted.
“My heart is pierced by cupid, at the stain of glittering gold… There is nothing that consume me, but my jolly sailor bold…” The tunes stop as the ice blue eyes seem to pierce your soul and a rather slender smile broadens her cheeks.
“I’m glad to see you heard my distress call human. Would you be so kind to help me, you beautiful creature? I would do anything in return, like… A kiss? “ Enchanted as you are, you sit down on a wet rock in front of her, practically hypnotised.
“Wonderful and delightful to see you here… As you can see, I am having an issue here. I am famished and starving. Due to your horrible fellow humans, the seas are dying. There are oilspils everywhere, all the fishing kills so many fish and reduce the chance for me to feed myself and fellow mermaids. The sea is dying, the coral stopped having her beautiful colours and the small fishes are constantly hiding in cold rocks. The sharks are in bloodlust and attack almost everything out of despair and fear, fear of losing their fins as you monsters catch them and cut them off, to throw them back into the ocean to drown. Of course, you handsome would never do that… You seem much more… Appreciative… Much more in… Love with the sea as I can see in your pretty eyes. 
You can help us out a lot, you can help me out and be my hero, you know… If you could just help me get back into the ocean, guide me into deeper waters, your loved one seems to approve… Let the loved one guide me back and I will reward you two with gratitude beyond your wildest dreams…”
The mermaid leans in as her cold hand carreses your cheek and turns your lips towards her as she gives you a kiss. Enchanted as you are, you let your loved one go hand in hand towards the deeper water, the mermaid serene floating next to her. About 20 meters into the sea, your loved one is at mid waist as they suddenly vanish under the surface. Never to be seen again…

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October 5, 2016
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