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Halo Infinite: Jega Rdomnai.


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Discharge rage


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zuko + katara - star wars AU


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Rainbow Snowcone: A Whole New World

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Simpsons Hearts

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Six fan art challenge

Six Character Fan-Arts

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Tangled Up in the Dungeon

Tangled Up in the Dungeon. This was not the way I was hoping to spend the day! So thought Rapunzel, the princess of Corona, as she struggled to free herself from her imprisonment. She twisted her hands in the manacles that held them behind her back, but had made no effort in working free of them. Things were even more complicated by the several lengths of rope tied around her chest, anchoring her arms to her side. Her bare feet were also tied at the ankles. “Hlllp! Nnnyyynn, wwwrr nnn hhhrrr!” Rapunzel yelled, but the cloth tied over her mouth made her words unintelligible, and not loud enough for anyone nearby to hear, not t

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