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Rain falls inside the light shining
nearby the sand and ocean lining
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Icicle Dress by SpicySugah Icicle Dress :iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 8 1 Sorceress by SpicySugah Sorceress :iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 10 2 Bunny by SpicySugah Bunny :iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 11 4 Belle by SpicySugah Belle :iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 6 2 Pretty in Pink by SpicySugah Pretty in Pink :iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 12 3
Lingering like a gash
blocking every place I take flight
friend my day
stalker by night
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Up into Air
100 Balloons fly into the air
nobody seems to notice nor care
fighter pilot shoots them down
100 miles above the silent ground
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Supergirl - Part 1
Kara soared over the city, her penetrating gaze piercing wood, metal, and stone the way an ordinary person looks through water.  She was somewhat depressed.  Flying usually raised her spirits, but not tonight.  Too much had gone wrong in the last few months.  She had thought being a superheroine would be an uplifting and empowering experience, but it had turned out to have more than its share of problems.  
First and foremost there was her completely humiliating experience at the hands of Kink Kennedy.  She had been drugged, kidnapped, and then raped and tortured by the brutal crime boss.  Such things were not supposed to happen to a superheroine.  She had barely managed to escape.  Even worse, her human companion, Sylvie Levesque had suffered the same fate.  Instead of protecting the weak and helpless she had been instrumental in involving her friend in a brutal ordeal.  She would never forgive herself, even if Sylvie’s invo
:iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 3 6
Letter That Was Never Sent
Dear Bruce,
(Notice how I used your name?)
Is this how you start these things? I don't know, I've never done this before. Written a letter I mean, so I'm sorry now if I mess something up in this or I have a ton of spelling mistakes (I'm not very good at spelling). I'm not sure how to start this exactly, much less what to say at all because...well because ever since I met you, our history of events has somehow became tangled together. It's a little hard to find where all this started and trying to pull apart all the free-falling events that followed. I guess it doesn't really matter because I don't intend to give you this letter, but damn B, I have so many things I want to say to you. And I hate myself because I want to say them to you, but that's what you did to me. I know you don't understand, I'll try my best to explain it later.
What are you up to in the big, beautiful manor of yours Bruce? Probably doing some kind of detective work. You really shouldn't do that because it get you i
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Ghosts are the spirits of the deceased
Some lived fairly easily, but for others the strife never ceased
Some are happy, some are sad
Others are good, and still others are bad
Ghosts reside in cemeteries, graveyards, and old houses overall
That's a few of their haunts, but it is by no means all
Very controversial but sill worth a mention
Some claim that ghosts are from another dimension
If one dies and becomes a ghost, they may gain new supernatural abilities
The most common and basic being invisibility, flight, and intangibility
Ghost rays, ghostly wails, and ice powers are rare
But the fact remains that they are still there
For most people, ghosts are beyond their normal range of perception
But Casper, Slimer, and Danny Phantom seem to be the exception
Many say that ghosts are a hoax
But ghosts are just proof that death is NOT all folks
Ghosts are supposed to be made of ectoplasm, you see
But neither have been accepted by science and that really surprises me
However, a gooey green sub
:iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 3 7
A New Day
Mephisto counts the moments until the sun rises as he looks across a busy New York street to an apartment that now belongs to an alone and dejected Peter Parker. He and his beloved have just finished their one last day together and now when the sun rises, it will dawn on a new world. Finally, finally, after all this time Mephisto has his victory.
“So did it work?”
The demon snarls a little at being surprised but smiles when he sees who it is. “Yes, I have to thank you. I may have missed this opportunity if it hadn’t been for you.”
The other, a person shaped individual covered head to toe in cloth making identifying gender or anything else about them, shrugs in a very uncaring manner. “I have heard you have been obsessed with this for so long, I saw an opportunity and decided to act.”
Mephisto sighs; “Well then I suppose you will want some reward for bringing me this news.”
“No, no…I want nothing more from you demon. To b
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Go ahead and break me
Shatter every bone and limb
You can watch the light fade
Until my eyes have gone dim
You can cut out my veins
And strangle me for hours
When I'm laying in my grave
Donate a bundle of crumpled flowers
You can tear my heart out
But it won't hurt, I know
Every feeling you ever shared
They all have got to go
So do whatever you want to me
I don't give a damn, not one
Guess what? You made your plans work
You crippled me. You won.
:iconspicysugah:SpicySugah 4 6
Perspective - Part 4
Keth isn’t sure how to respond to that, with all the hiking and adventure he’s had today he decides it isn’t worth his time too.
“Yeah well, if you’ll excuse my manners for a few minutes I need to finish ensuring we aren’t ambushed in the middle of the night. Or if we are, we at least will know it’s happening.”
The Doctor watched as the soldier fished about his gear and pulled out a tool pouch and a small machine that is roughly the size of his palm. After retrieving a small screwdriver Keth opened up a panel on the machine and began to fiddle with it.
“What’s that?”
“Our early warning system, well, my early warning system.” Keth held out his gloved hand revealing the device to the Doctor. “That’s not an early warning system; it’s a high end thermometer.”
Keth nodded as he went back to fiddling with the thing. “Normally you are correct, we toss one of these into an area and it te
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Perspective - Part 3
The two trek out of town, heading towards the greenery that still grows outside of the original firestorm’s blast radius.
    “So Doctor do you have a last name?”
    The Doctor studies the soldier as they walk. The young man seems to be relaxed, he keeps stride with the Doctor, never falling behind or going ahead. The Doctor has changed pace a couple of times to see what would happen, and without any visible effort the soldier changes his pace to match. “No actually I don’t, I am just the Doctor.”
    The soldier tilts his head back in mock disbelief. “Really?”
    “Yes really. Why would I lie about that? That’d be a silly thing to lie about.”
    “And when you lie it’s only about important or interesting things?”
    The Doctor nods, “Or dangerous things, never forget about those. Always good to lie about dangerous things; keeps people
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Perspective - Part 2
By this point, the village’s name has been forgotten by most; it is just another burnt-out husk from a time gone by. Seventeen months ago, this abandoned town had to be bombed after one of the patrolmen stumbled upon some Koreans trying to scout the nearby mine to see if it could be used as a go-around. A fire fight ensued, the soldier was killed, and the broken town was burned in a hail of hellfire…
   The Koreans have never been aggressive enough to try to scout the mine again; too much enemy attention now focused on the area.
   Aside from the odd soldier passing through every week or two nothing, disturbed this little town for quite some time. Which would explain why, if anyone was around to describe the random metal whooping noise that comes into existence, the sound seemed to amplify and ricochet off the ruined structures.
   Perfectly, on what was the corner of the main street’s busiest intersection, a blue police box faded into ex
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Pearl by Radittz Pearl :iconradittz:Radittz 4,579 173 Sad Witch by em-scribbles Sad Witch :iconem-scribbles:em-scribbles 263 26 Invaluable Companion by IrenHorrors Invaluable Companion :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,333 59 Son of a witch - Cloak by secondlina Son of a witch - Cloak :iconsecondlina:secondlina 267 63 The Witch by Songes-et-crayons The Witch :iconsonges-et-crayons:Songes-et-crayons 81 17 Witch #2 by edgarinvoker Witch #2 :iconedgarinvoker:edgarinvoker 164 6 Young witch by nati Young witch :iconnati:nati 345 8 Batman by BlondTheColorist Batman :iconblondthecolorist:BlondTheColorist 3,124 174 Leia on Hoth: Yub yub! by PanSpec Leia on Hoth: Yub yub! :iconpanspec:PanSpec 24 13 Mary Jane and The Spectacular Spiderman by J-Skipper Mary Jane and The Spectacular Spiderman :iconj-skipper:J-Skipper 882 54 CM - Orange cream puff by Wanini CM - Orange cream puff :iconwanini:Wanini 359 45 Moonstone Adult by Arccyfox Moonstone Adult :iconarccyfox:Arccyfox 21 3 Chibi-Daniela-Pixel by CuteyTCat Chibi-Daniela-Pixel :iconcuteytcat:CuteyTCat 176 114 Richard Study by BeamSaberGo Richard Study :iconbeamsabergo:BeamSaberGo 3 1 League of Legends - Kayle (Wingless/Helmetless) by Blaziken16 League of Legends - Kayle (Wingless/Helmetless) :iconblaziken16:Blaziken16 1 0 Dragon by KittenCuddlz Dragon :iconkittencuddlz:KittenCuddlz 1 0


Who else watched the E3 show this year?  And which games are you excited for?

Games I'm looking forward to:

- Devil May Cry 5
- Ghost of Tsushima
- Last of Us Part II
- Shadow of the Tomb Raider
- Kingdom Hearts III
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