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Super Disney- Belle

Our favorite Disney characters as super heroes!

A mild mannered librarian by day, Belle transforms by the power of The Rose at night! This super justice princess uses her magical mirror to show evil doers the ugliness within themselves; sucking them into a terrible illusion of their own making.

And don't make her sic her Beast on you!
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NeoPrankster's avatar
I'd love to see more of Belle with this costume.
Dragonzforever2004's avatar
Wow, this is really cool! :)
OrangeLetters88's avatar
This works very well actually!
Victor2K's avatar
It has something of Supergirl on her. Good job
ConyTachi's avatar
I love these series! Specially this one -this one is my favorite *v* He hair look so cool with the roses and the sparkling and all

Hey I don't know if you knew about this but there is this tumblr post featuring these series and not mentioning you in order to give you the credit so I thought you should know. Anyway, I rebloged it and gave the credit to your DA account I hope that's ok…
spicysteweddemon's avatar
thanks so much! I appreciate that
disneygirl914's avatar
mind blown! amaing!
AAccidentallyAwesome's avatar
Sailor Scout Belle!!! I love you! This is amazing! :squee:
I almost cried because Belle looks like a Sailor Scout and I LOVE IT!
Snow-Jackal's avatar
Oh fantastic!!!! Her concept is made of win, too! Her costume has a bit of a Sailor Senshi vibe, too! Love it!
naruto162's avatar
The mirror thing sounds like Itcahi's tsukyomi
jomarrito's avatar
My darn favourite!!!
Eve-Francesca's avatar
This is such a fun and awesome concept! I love Belle's power. =D
ShadowsAndLight's avatar
She looks gorgeous ;u; I love how you draw hair, man. And I adore the flowers in her hair
I want to watch this anime!
Cheesegoddess's avatar
Woo I love this idea! All of your princesses are very neat! But I ove Bell's outfit the most.
EspioArtwork31's avatar
I always Wanted a Leotard
ilfie's avatar
I love the detail of flowers in her hair! Very sweet!
Octoboy-the-8th's avatar
Ooh, Disney superheroes? I'm definitely on the edge of my seat! I think the Incredibles might have some competition!

Nice incorporation of the rose motif here, and I'm liking her hero powers. It really fits her story super well, in a real clever way. A skirt-less Belle is sure a funny sight, especially with her being one of the most down-to-earth of the princesses, but I'm sure she'd blend in just fine as her alter ego.

And the Beast would be pretty awesome in this, he'd be like the Hulk! Or maybe even like Beast! :O
SteeKira's avatar
SAILOR MOON!!!! XD jk jk I love this!
HikariMichi's avatar
She's so cute! Great work!
GingerZombeh's avatar
so gorgeous <3 <3 <3
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