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Spring Fling Pattern

a pattern done in illustrator!
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beautiful work! I think colours are perfect. And red bird is the cutest!
XAngelFeatherX's avatar
Heya! I used it here

Summer Suffering by XAngelFeatherX

I hope that's ok ;7; 

Its just so pretty and was perfect as a wallpaper =v=
spicysteweddemon's avatar
awww! That's awesome!
nadiwa's avatar
Can I have your premission to use this? Or isn't this made into a pattern that is usable?
nadiwa's avatar
Thank you :3
Hi I love your patterns, am I able to use them for commercial use? Thanks
spicysteweddemon's avatar
Let me know what you have in mid and I'll let you know :)
X1L3D's avatar
it's a wonderful pattern! i was wondering how you went about adding the textured bits, was that done on illustrator as well?
spicysteweddemon's avatar
Its all in Illustrator CS3!
X1L3D's avatar
it's wonderful! the textured strokes look really great!
ashren's avatar
Aaaaah so cute!! I love your birds! They remind me a little bit of Charley Harper's artwork :D
WardahAhmar's avatar
This would make a great pattern on a square plate.
craftstudios's avatar
This would make a great fabric.... it's absolutely fabulous!
lylie-foak's avatar
I would wear jammies patterned like this in a heartbeat. Actually, I would probably wear anything patterned like this...
That's really gorgeous.
LilyLiddellink's avatar
It's fantastic and beautiful :D
ChristineVCarter's avatar
Are you thinking of making it into fabric? There are sites that do that from illustrations. It would make a darling skirt.
azucarazul05's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous!
Tryaki-chan's avatar
J1Star's avatar
Crazy colours! I love the images but I'd say it would look a bit better if they were spaced out just a leeetle bit :)
Zippora's avatar
This is so pretty! I love the colors, smells like spring and summer :)
yellowsmoke321's avatar
such a lovely pattern :)
WidowShark's avatar
This would make awesome fabric! There's actually a website where you can have it printed on cotton fabric. I don't remember what it's called, though.
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