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Move Over Princesses

Disney men love a lady of action!
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But you, yourself, are a princess, Leia!
IrishSkye's avatar
AWESOME concept. I love this!
Ematar's avatar
And Han shoots them first
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somehow i can picture leia getting along with princess anna from frozen. they have a lot in common. 

they both have a sibling that they hardly knew/didn't know (luke and elsa)
they have a loyal and plucky albeit short sidekick (olaf and R2)
and their love interest`s best friend is covered in fur (chewie and sven)

anyone agree?
MousseTrap567's avatar
What is funny is that, since Han married Leia, he actually can be qualified as a Disney prince now. 
IrishSkye's avatar
Bwahahaha! I didn't even think of that before I read it. Awesome!
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Indiana-Time-Rider's avatar
Omigosh, Han has the face of 'touch her, you die'. I love it! XD Beasts face! Lol! :D
Chepseh's avatar
... The princes of the older movie generation are on the other hand a bit afraid of all this strength, I presume? :)
ArtzofJWY's avatar
Han Solo is very jealous.
Sharper-The-Writer's avatar
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Awesome. Love Leia.
MajinNeda's avatar
Haha oh man, Beast's face! =D
Myricae91's avatar
OtakuNeko2499's avatar
Shang too?! Pffuahahaha! XD Their different expressions is what REALLY makes this picture hysterical!! Fantastic! XD
hooksnfangs's avatar
Hahaha them Disney guys' expressions are great! 
RobbieCave's avatar
Heheheh! Lol

Best crossover :D
FlyingPrincess's avatar
Haha, Awesome. If they think she's sexy now they should see her in her gold bikini.
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