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Harry and the Prince

Harry reading Advanced Potions while a young Prince writes in his.
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I love this one. 
Aroshi-Wish's avatar
Your stained-glass-window style... Sometimes I wish you could desigh churches in past. (With Snarry))
Dollqueen's avatar
Wasn't the prince a girl though?
Hoshiya's avatar
Haaaaa so so soooo cool! But Sev face is so sad :(
Gryffgirl's avatar
I love the composition and your style! :D
Cap-a-Pie's avatar
Kewl:D I love how you did the faces!
Belruel's avatar
Your snape is lovely!
zinatwakil's avatar
I really like your style in here. I adore the way you drew Snape.
Very nice work!
Blacks-Bitch's avatar
Aaaaah that's such an awesome drawing style! :o
angelstar3999's avatar
I love how the picture is set up. :love:
janach's avatar
A charming piece of conceptual cartooning.

I've always loved the irony of the Half-Blood Prince: Harry CAN learn from Snape, but only if neither of them knows the identity of the other.
CLLynx's avatar
sooo cute XDDD
Harry is so happy XDDD
your drawing is very good! it's realy simple and clean XD
agedghost's avatar
XoXLoveSongXoX's avatar
i gotta say this picture rly caught my eye
ur style is so clean and oringinal and u rly know how to get ur point acrossed
GOOD JOB :clap:
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
This is wonderful. I love your stylization.
Shimpa-chan's avatar
So clean pìcture, espresive and beautiful ^^
MaferPotter's avatar
Oh, I love this style!!
otter-party's avatar
I love everything about this. :aww:
agnieszka209's avatar
I love the idea, and Harry is so cute here. Even Sev is! :giggle:
roby-boh's avatar
Now, that's brilliant!
And speaking of "Half blood prince"..I hope I won't be disappointed by the upcoming movie, I kind of think they just cut the parts I most liked in the book é_è
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