Harry and the Headmaster
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Harry and Snape's portrait
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Lovely. ^_^
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pugloveryo|Hobbyist Writer
i wrote a smol fanfic on this fghjghjnb-
"Ron's been doing good. It's a little tense sometimes when he and Hermione have an argument, but they make up quickly. I think that it's because of the new daughter, but also because they love each other at heart."

"That's good."
"Also I think that Neville is thinking about becoming Professor Sprout's assistant, but he's conflicted whether or not to actually go through with it because he's afraid of hurting Luna's feelings by being away for a long time."
"Typical Longbottom."
Harry chuckled dryly, gently pressing his forehead against the portrait of Severus Snape. He'd been having a conversation with the Headmasters of Hogwarts-mainly Sev and Dumbledore-ever since the end of the Wizarding War. He mainly came for Sev, but he welcomed a conversation with Dumbledore as well. The other Headmasters often gave their opinion in their conversations, and they were actually pretty likeable people, but he was often irritated with them just butting in on a sensitive conversation.
He hadn't gotten over the death of Snape, or any of his dear ones really. The difference between them and Snape is that Harry had a way of contacting Snape in some form, and he would talk to his dead lover any day, even if he was nothing more than a 2D picture that was practically a clone of the old Severus that he used to know. 
Luckily, he managed to come into the hall when all of the Headmasters were sleeping tonight.
"No one's heard from Draco in a while."
"I wouldn't think that he'd want to run into you, Potter."
"...Yeah, I guess that's true."
Although he sounded very cold at times, Harry could tell that he cared. His cold language was just his way of showing any emotion at all. It was the Severus that he knew and loved, and he wouldn't change a thing about him for the world. After everything that Harry had seen, he became perfect. To him at least. Ron is still a bit startled about it to this day.
"Something really funny happened to me today."
"Oh really? What isn't funny in the riveting world of Harry Potter?" 
Harry chuckled again, a ghost of a smile on his lips. There was definitely still something there. Definitely.
"Ginny Weasley asked me out today," Harry paused to laugh a small bit, "Isn't that strange? She knows that I'm still seeing you. Weird."
Harry waited and listened for a reply, but nothing came. An uncomfortable silence filled the air, and it made Harry feel a bit nervous.
"Right? Sev?" He chuckled a bit more again, a grim smile on his face. He looked up and faced Severus. His head was turned to the side, and he seemed to be in deep thought about something. But what pained Harry is that he had an alarmed look on his face. He expected him to be shocked. Shocked at the thought of someone trying to capture the heart of the boy who lived. But it was alarm.
Shock doesn't have concern in it, but alarm does.
"...You know Harry, I've been meaning to talk to you for a while lately." He frowned. He didn't like where this was going. Nothing was normally good when Sev called him Harry.
"D-don't worry, I'd never leave you for Ginny of course!" he exclaimed, a huge stressed grin now covering his face. Snape sighed, looking down to face Harry.
"I believe that it would be better if you let go of me, Harry. I'm nothing more than a silhouette who imitates Severus Snape. That and I'm a painting Potter. You need to move on and find someone who is actually alive. Have a family maybe. It's unhealthy for you to be so...obessed over a portrait."
It felt as if his whole world was tipped over. Severus Snape, one of the few things in this world who made him happy, told him to move on. No. He wouldn't accept it.
"What do you mean? It's working out fine!"
"I know that we can't physically touch or do...actual things together, but that doesn't matter!"
"Harry-" No. Don't call him Harry.
"I can talk to you Severus and that's a healthy thing. Look, we just need to push ourselves, and we can make this relationship survive-"
Harry went silent immediately; stunned. Snape's shrill voice managed to make some of the other portraits wake up with a start too. But only one or two.
"Listen to me, Harry. Please. This ghost of a relationship is pathetic. I'm not the real Severus, Harry. He's been dead for four years. You have to move on."
Harry was about to reply, but another gentle voice came from behind him, "He's right Harry, "The caring voice of Albus Dumbledore spoke, "It's becoming an obsession. Think about it, Harry, this incarnation of Severus is nothing more than a paper clone. You can't have a relationship with a painting. You can't continue this because of your guilt and memories. Memories are to be cherished, yes, but we can't hang onto them otherwise they will fade and become painful." Harry's heart thumped and his mouth became dry. What did he have to do with it? What right did he have to control his relationships?
"Professor Dumbledore, you don't understand. It's working out fine!" Harry turned to look at him, a large smile on his lips. A smile filled with stress. Dumbledore sighed and Snape remained quiet.
"You agree that every good relationship needs communication, right?" Harry continued. A brief silence hung in the air before Albus somberly nodded, "Well, me and Sev have nothing but conversation!" Harry smiled, resting his head against Severus' portrait again. He was about to continue, but he spotted something that made him go silent.
In the bottom right corner of Severus' portrait, was a wrinkle. It was relatively small, but now that Harry had spotted it, it seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. Suddenly, something in his mind clicked. Something that he hoped wouldn't click.
This Severus wasn't real. He was an illusion. A set of drawn shapes and shading brought together to resemble him and enchanted to have his personality. This wasn't Severus Snape. It wasn't the man that he had experienced thick and thin with. It was a fraud.
Harry stumbled back, never moving his locked gaze from the wrinkle. His breathing became heavy, and he could feel his body begin to tremble. Snape snapped his head forward to look at him, alarm once again covering his face.
"Harry? Harry, what's wrong love?"
He began to feel dizzy as he brought his eyes to his feet, "This is stupid. So stupid. I can't believe that I actually thought I could make this work, "He was stuttering slightly, and could feel tears welling up in his eyes, "For four years I've been coming here and acting like everything was fine. Like Severus never died, and I could keep him happy...me happy..." He stepped back further and brought a hand to his mouth. Severus was struggling for words but remained silent for Harry to carry on.
"I've been so blind...so selfish. No wonder you think...I don't care!" Tear's began to roll down his eyes and his hand moved from his mouth to his eyes, and he grasped his temple tightly as he broke out into full sobbing. Severus went tense, looking down in shock at the sight of his loved one crying. He had to act quickly; he couldn't bear seeing him like this.
"Harry, no. You haven't been selfish at all. Look at me," Harry raised his head to look up at Severus. His face was in a grimace and tears were flowing down his cheeks, and a bit dripped down his nose. If this Severus had a heart, it would have shattered at the sight of this. Better yet, ripped.
Oh, harsh irony.
"You are far from a bad person Harry. You had your heart set on making me happy, and intern yourself. You're a thoughtful man Harry. You did nothing wrong and acted on your kindness. That isn't a selfish trait, Potter," Snape explained, pressing his hand against the portrait, almost as if attempting to reach out to the wizard.
Harry cringed, pressing both hands against his ears in despair.
"You're wrong! What I've done is awful beyond belief. I'm so stupid."
"You're not stupid!" Snape yelled, looking down at him in pity, "Stop saying that! You have to stop beating yourself up for what were MY mistakes! I should have never agreed to this...this tomfoolery! You were grieving, and you thought that this was a good option, and I said yes! I was the stupid one in this situation. If only I weren't so depressed too...If I wasn't stupid enough to die in the first place!"
"I DON'T THINK YOU'RE STUPID!" Harry screamed, another rolling down his cheek and stepped closer to the portrait, "Don't you dare say that Severus! In no single way was it your fault to get killed! Don't you ever think that again!" Although tears were still falling, Harry wasn't in despair no longer. But there was still a very uncomfortable atmosphere as a silence was cast over the couple. 
Harry was surprised that Dumbledore hadn't said anything either.
After a while, Severus spoke, "You know what's good about being a painting?" he asked, causing a shocked and confused face to appear on Harry. What could ever be good about being a painting?
"Not having to deal with your overcooked potions that blow up in my face. On purpose."
Harry broke out in mad laughter, placing one hand on the painting and the other on his knee. A blush had covered his face and is eyes were shut tight to hide the unwanted tears. It was a rather pleasant surprise for Snape; he hadn't seen a genuine smile on Harry in ages, and his roaring laughter that was incredibly rare. A small took over his lips too, and the faintest hint of a blush. It wasn't even that funny or ironic of a joke, but Snape believed that Harry was desperate for amusement that even the smallest things entertained him.
The laughter died down, and a more settling silence was in the atmosphere now. Snape's eyes caught sight of Harry's hand resting on the painting. He gently put his hand up to it too, softly pressing against it. He really missed that touch. Harry looked up and noticed, his lips forming a frown along with Snape's. He stood up straight and began to tenderly rub his thumb across his painted one.
After another short silence, Harry spoke up.
"I'll do it." Snape looked at him in confusion, "I'll...get over you. It'll be hard, but if you really want me to do it, for my cause, I will." Harry's expression was hard to read for Snape; he couldn't tell if he was happy or sad. The same could be said for the way Severus was feeling. He didn't want Harry to leave. He adored him. Snape didn't know how to respond. He kept on racking his brain for a suitable answer, the right answer even. But his mind was cluttered and he couldn't think of anything.
"...I love you," Snape eventually stated. Harry looked up and met his eyes. Sev looked conflicted, but he took in a deep breath before having a soft smirk on his lips. Harry smiled back.
"I love you too."
"What happened again, Albus?"
"The pair had a row about their...position, shall we say? It got a bit untamed."
"Those two! They're going to wake the whole castle up with their constant bickering!" Headmaster McGonagall tutted, storming down the corridor with Albus following by passing through pictures, "I have no idea how I ever let Mr Potter come here in the first place!" Albus smiled pitifully. 
McGonagall swung opened the doors to the hallway of portraits but paused as she spotted what was in front of her.
Harry Potter was sleeping underneath the Portrait of Severus Snape who was also asleep. He was huddled up in a small ball, but a very faint smile was on his lips. McGonagall sighed, folding her arms and looking over to Albus.
"Are we going to let him stay overnight?" Albus studied the pair, before a small grin appeared within his cloud of beard.
"I see no harm," McGonagall sighed once more, glaring down at Harry.
"...Do you believe that this should continue?" McGonagall looked over at Albus in confusion.
"What should continue? Having Harry come over here every day?"
"No. Mr Potter and Severus' relationship," Minerva looked flustered and thought for a moment.
"Well, I see no harm. I mean, It's rather unhealthy, and Mr Potter should tone down on his visits drastically, however, he and Severus have never been the type to be very...touchy. They prefer to talk rather than uh...kiss, so if they do...love each other truly, then it could continue."
Albus smiled thoughtfully, and somehow his eyes managed to twinkle under his half-moon spectacles.
"I believe that it's possible too."
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SaphierWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I really like this style of yours! And I love the atmosphere you've created in this picture.
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The hand placements got to me! Lovely.
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Skanday|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this
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It's look like a mirror. Perhaps... they can walk through))
I like your works, they're really wake up imagination.
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So emotional... Love it.
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Oh wow! So cool! I have tears in my eyes now!
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BleRay|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oracle-of-Moon|Professional Artisan Crafter
Love so much this idea....
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I don't think the books go into enough detail of how the preserved portrait of someone can influence or reassure the living!
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janach|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Harry: Why did you hate me?

Snape: Because you should have been mine.
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Yep. That's it, right there!
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ImperialCharles|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw I really like that!
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day79|Professional Writer
I love this picture...
It's awesome...
I think I will add it to my favourites...
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MayTheVampire|Hobbyist General Artist
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ArielleHermes|Hobbyist General Artist
snapes like "you can do it Harry"
or something
its been to long since ive read these
my point is its AWEESOME!
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Makes me sad ;n; still love it though :meow:
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Whoops, I meant to say T_T
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hrfarrington|Professional General Artist
aw, this is super sad! Really amazing concept though :heart:
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AeryonSun|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, but this picture actually makes me curious enough to read the book! This is a beautiful piece!
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