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Disney Prom pt 2- Toy Story

Of course Buzz is wearing his Air Force ROTC uniform when taking his country western lovin' sweetheart Jessie to the prom!

Remeber back many moons ago when I did a series called Disney Prom? I am asked at least once a week if I am ever going to do more characters, and as I have some time now, I'll be working on more. Any comments or suggestions welcome!

Here are some past Disney Prom pics!
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moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
My~, what a gentleman. :love:
Dannytheguardian's avatar
Nice, buzz totally fits the real military
BVBlover4ever's avatar
This is absolutely lovely!!!!! I cannot wait to see more from you! I would love see a Prom version of Goliath and Elisa!!!!
bronybyexception's avatar
I like this take on the characters
sbroberts21's avatar
Aww I love this concept!
6goose1994's avatar
lady and tramp and scamp and angel
lin-deviant's avatar
Mulan and Shang! :D
lin-deviant's avatar
As in,  Mulan and Shang would be a great couple to do another prom drawing with. Other than that, this is extremely adorable and fitting for these two characters :)
isapandas's avatar
OH DAAANG This is so  cute oh my gosh. Buzz in that uniform, I can't even describe how cute it is.
Therese-B's avatar
Buzz has never looked better!  Love this series!
ZeldaTheSwordsman's avatar
You forget: Buzz never removes his purple coif.
ShadowsAndLight's avatar
Heee, this is all sorts of adorable
SnapCentino's avatar
This is gonna be one special night if he's finally got the guts to kiss her.
DazedDaisiesO-o's avatar
Very cool! Love it! :D
syolel-o3's avatar
This is just so cute ^____^ loving the uniform Buzz is wearing :D
johnplaystuba's avatar
Oooh!! You should do young Carl and Ellie from Up!!! Or Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl!

This is so much fun!
... Don't you mean Mr. Incredible?
johnplaystuba's avatar
Haha, yes. Mr. Incredible.
Sorry if I bothered you.
johnplaystuba's avatar
No, no! Not one bit. I first saw the comment and didn't remember making the comment that I made. So when I read it, I was all, "DO I mean Mr. Incredible? Like, right now, is that what it means?" But then I clicked the original button and it made more sense.

And dude, I totes get it: [link]
... Does the link represent you or me? Just asking, if it's cool.
byupenguin26's avatar
This is ridiculously adorable, and makes me ridiculously happy xD
Kataang15Love's avatar
what about Jack & Sally? were you considering them for your Prom series?
treasure311's avatar
I love your Disney prom series, theyre so adorable! Maybe Wreck-it Ralph characters? Or Pocahontas would be neat!
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