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Disney Gems- August

Doing a new series based on birthstones! Poem that will be at the bottom of the illustrations was written by an anonymous writer for Tiffany Co. in the 1870s. The poem uses the traditional gemstones rather than the modern ones so some maybe different. I will incorporate the stone somewhere in each girl's outfit.

Belle for August! My favorite Disney princess. This is another stone where the traditional is different than the modern one. Sardonyx is in the background and on the book. She is wearing green for peridot though. The poem fits because she saved the beast from living unloved and alone!
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Oh, phew! :phew: Thought you were going in a whole other direction with that poem. :)
yay i'm from august
LolliGoth's avatar
my mother was born in agust and my name is felicity...this feels kinda weird. but i like it anyway.
isapandas's avatar
Wow, awesome how you incorporated both peridot and sardonyx! I actually didn't know sardonyx was a gem for August even though it's my birth month until about last week. Go figure!
reigningqueenofcurls's avatar
Thank you! Belle is my favourite and August is my birth month!!
Hinodahime's avatar
Funny how the princess I connect to the most is the one who'd have my birthstone!
shadamy20's avatar
Stars-Bread99's avatar
OMG I love it so cute :)
FlyingPrincess's avatar
YAY! Belle is mine!
Ladyneko22's avatar
YAY this is my birth month and YAY for belle because she is awesome
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Oh yes! Esmeralda and Belle were my two favorite Disney girls growing up. The poem does fit, doesn't it? My best friend has an August birthday; is the sardonyx a bit like amber/fire opal in appearance? I don't think I've ever seen one.
yasmin8632's avatar
My mom's favorite! :) And mine too.
honour-huston's avatar
Belle is my favorite, and August is my birthday month! Peridot has never been my stone of choice, but it works well here
Disneylyric's avatar
Nice job with the choices! To tie birthstones with the zodiac, sardonyx is actually one of the stones for Virgo.
crazywriterchic's avatar
I think it's a theme: you chose the perfect princess for August! So many late Leos and early Virgos identify with Belle. She's smart and thoughtful, brave and kind. She's my favorite princess and I was an August baby, so thank you for chosing her!
PhantomCarnival's avatar
X3 Yay for August!! *birth month as well* I love her face in this one <3
AthenaWisestOfThemAl's avatar
Funny but true: Belle is the princess most like me, and I was born in August!
Amazing art, by the way!
Dreamin-of-Neverland's avatar
best be getting me one of these sardonyx stones! lol Go August! and go Belle! (my favourite princess) :D
Lovely picture! <3
Octoboy-the-8th's avatar
Just in time for summer reading!

Nicely drawn Belle. Like the way she holds out the book in her palms.
Cybiline's avatar
I love how you chose Belle for August! Belle has always been my favorite, and August is my birth month!
ShadowsAndLight's avatar
I love Belle ;u;
She's one of my favorites (she was my absolute fav until Tiana came around)
I think she looks really pretty in green.

I never noticed how many different outfits she has in the movie until I sat down to watch it many years later
aPrettyMystery's avatar
That's sort of a depressing one...
MarissaSunshine's avatar
The most popular princess of them all!
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