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A Snarry Conference

More Snape and Harry fluff
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So cute... I love it<3
cherrypit8's avatar
I love your style!
Kat-Loves-Hatter's avatar
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your work has so much potencial. i'd love to have it on my walls, i mean it. thanks.
this is really happy and great and luuuurzzzz
lndzbrdn's avatar
hahahah sniff-arm to teh face xD poor harry
Aroshi-Wish's avatar
Professor is so busy, have to do several things in one moment)) Er... Red candle?
evenstar1221's avatar
This is freaking hilarious/adorable. I love how you gave Snape glasses. It seems very fitting for his character. :)
anniekun93's avatar
ashleyjordan's avatar
hehe how cute :) Love how aloof Snape is and the way you draw and add all those textures
Like this style of drawing! Amazing job! Thank you)
PanicChaosDisorder's avatar
How cute! <3
Harry Potter is still my favourite book and i guess it will be forever! ^^
MlleTomate's avatar
Oh poor Harry xD !!!! Bad Snape è_é !
Daisuke-lol's avatar
I could totally picture snape this way glasses and all he looks so cool ^^
CreatoreMagico's avatar
I was linked to your gallery by a friend and wow, your art style! I really love it. This is adorable and I just love the warm colours and the textures! I'd love to know where you go inspired to draw like this! <3 Its really lovely.
BlackSonata's avatar
ahhaaha this is great XD I almost choked on my tea laughing :P
Katenoire's avatar
Hahahaha excellent!!! 8D
hinausagibaby's avatar
cute!! ilove this! poor harry!!
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
Gorgeous work. I love the style you did this in.
Fayzbub's avatar
Ha ha! I love this! It reminds me of one of my stories, here: [link]
which deals with Severus-as-sex-god-in-fanfic!
Thanks for sharing.
MaferPotter's avatar
I adore Severus' glasses. He looks so distinguished. You have a cute style.
NexNetix's avatar
Hahahaha :D This goes directly to be my next Wallpaper :DDD
Niimoe's avatar
Awwwwww, I love how Harry's feeling the air for Snape's head XD
AkaneZeen's avatar
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