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Dragon Age II - The Champion

I love default femhawke! c:


Tumblr: [link]

Dragon Age II © Bioware
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Gorgeous! This world needs more MarianNodding Mae icon 
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Love this! It's gorgeous! I'm also a fan of default fem Hawke.
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This is so cute I love it!
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Her hair looks like Kirito's.
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She looks so cute! :happybounce: 
Nice work, really!
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No worries c:
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Incredible cute and beautiful :heart:
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femhawke is so beautiful am I right :D
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You're welcome!
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Still scares the crap out of me.
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Very cute, amazing work! (Can't wait to see her in Dragon age 3)
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I wanted to make my Warrior FemHawke use Sword and Shield, but this is so cool I'll just say "Screw it, I'll pick the BFS".
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I really wanted to do a mage, but then i saw Male Hawke swinging around that big ass sword and though, screw magic! I want that big ass sword!
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