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Trout Ref (by sharktrauma on DA and TH) by SpicyIsopods
[Art by @/sharktrauma]

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Slightly Unsettling Good Fish-BeefTM

Young Teen (~14)

Mothcat ID #309

Bullet; Black Freshwater Aquatic Breed Bullet; Black 
Bullet; Pink Extra Long Swirly Antennae Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Blue Classic Ears Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Mane Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Black Fin Wings Bullet; Black
Bullet; Black Real Fish Tail Bullet; Black
Bullet; Pink Glowing Eyes Bullet; Pink



[Misc. Inventory]

Demigender Ribbon by Mothkitten  Mothscouts Sash by Mothkitten  Unidentified Flying Object by Mothkitten  Alien Purple by Mothkitten
Easter Egg - Red by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Orange by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Green by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Blue by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Purple by Mothkitten
Easter Egg - Pink by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Glass by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Opal by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Silver by Mothkitten  Easter Egg - Golden by Mothkitten
Goos Egg #6 - Moon by Mothkitten  Goos Egg #9 - :3c by Mothkitten  Goos Egg #14 - Pangolegg by Mothkitten
Goos Egg #5 - Sagely Stripes by Mothkitten  Goos Egg #10 - And Peggy by Mothkitten  Goos Egg #11 - Crown Jewel by Mothkitten  Goos Egg #13 - Inadvisable Plaid by Mothkitten
Ice Egg by Mothkitten
Egg by Mothkitten  Rock - Egg by Mothkitten <da:thumb id="7155057741463651"/> <da:thumb id="3871938911736012"/> <da:thumb id="2166417585439049"/>
Egg Dye - Empty by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - White by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Grey by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Black by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Red by Mothkitten
Egg Dye - Orange by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Yellow by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Green by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Teal by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Blue by Mothkitten
Egg Dye - Purple by Mothkitten  Egg Dye - Pink by Mothkitten  Eggsence of Glitter by Mothkitten  Eggsence of Glow by Mothkitten  Eggsence of Invisibility by Mothkitten
Eggsence of Iridescence by Mothkitten  Eggsence of Gold by Mothkitten  Eggsence of Silver by Mothkitten

Demigender Ribbon
Mothscouts Sash
Unidentified Flying Object
Purple Alien

Easter Egg - Red
Easter Egg - Orange
Easter Egg - Green
Easter Egg - Blue
Easter Egg - Purple
Easter Egg - Pink
Easter Egg - Glass
Easter Egg - Opal
Easter Egg - Silver
Easter Egg - Gold

Goos Egg #6 - Moon
Goos Egg #9 - :3c
Goos Egg #14 - Pangolegg
Goos Egg #5 - Sagely Stripes
Goos Egg #10 - And Peggy
Goos Egg #11 - Crown Jewel
Goos Egg #13 - Inadvisable Plaid

Ice Egg

Rock Egg
Taped-Together Garbegg
Cardboard Garbegg
Smelly Garbegg

Empty Egg Dye Bottle
Yellow Dye
White Dye
 Egg Dye
Grey Egg Dye
Black Egg Dye
Red Egg Dye
Orange Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
 Egg Dye
Eggcense of Glitter
Eggcense of Glow
Eggcense of Invisibility
Eggcense of Iridescence
Eggcense of Gold
Eggcense of Silver



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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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