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Jude (by DarlingJess on DA and TH) by SpicyIsopods
[Art by @/DarlingJess]

[Toyhouse Link]


Spider AnkleTM

Middle Age (50s)

Mothcat ID #193

Bullet; Blue Swirly Antennae Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Classic Ears Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Classic Mane Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Round Wings Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Fluffy Tail Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Round Pupil Eyes Bullet; Blue 
Bullet; Blue Joint Tufts Bullet; Blue


Rosey the Rosehair Tarantula (by Arquerite on DA,  by SpicyIsopods  Spider - Orange Jumping by Mothkitten  Spider - Healer by Mothkitten
Rosehair Tarantula (Rosey)
Orange Jumping Spider (Rusty)
Healer Spider (Roscoe)

[Misc. Inventory]

Cobweb by Mothkitten  Cobweb by Mothkitten  Cobweb by Mothkitten
Plush - Tarantula: Pink by Mothkitten  Scarf - Team Rubber Ducky by Mothkitten
Cobweb (x3)
Plush - Pink Tarantula
Scarf - Team Rubber Ducky



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Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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