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Through the gorge

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Uru traveled with her father, King Mchanga, mother, Queen Dhahabu, and a few other lionesses. The monarchs will be presenting their daughter to the late King Mohatu and his young son Prince Ahadi. The drought swept across the Oasis, making it barely inhabitable for the densely populated Pride. Despite Uru and Ahadi being too young to meet, King Mchanga found it necessary to bring his daughter to the Pridelands to avoid possible death. Uru was young, about 2 years old (I’m going on irl lion years bc I it does not sit right w me to age them like humans) not quite an adult yet. Here she is seen walking behind her father, clearly annoyed and disinterested in what he’s talking about.
(Background by Disney minus sky)
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Ooo another fan who has Uru not be Mohatu’s child!

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Grumpy gold girl with the bushy eyebrows, ooh, I love your design of her so much.

Also, I would like to mention that Disney does have a bit of reputation of introducing their lions rather young as a couple. I mean Rani and Kion are teenagers, Kiara and Kovu are slightly older teenagers, and Nala and Simba were young adults, though betrothed at a young age.

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I see Kiara and Kovu as lions who just entered adulthood

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Well TLK/ TLK 2/ TLG has shown us that you’re never too young to meet the person you have to be with for the rest of your life. Each couple got younger by generation. so don’t worry about Uru.

First we had Mufasa and Sarabi: they seemed like a nice, a lil bit older couple. They definitely looked like respected, kind and loving parents.

Next we got to see Simba and Nala, a tiny bit young for parents, but there like those cool celebrity parents who look super young and you can’t tell the age difference between them and their children (at least in TLK)

Then we got to see Kovu (who should be older than Kiara) and Kiara, who seemed like A VERY YOUNG COUPLE! Like, what Disney? How they gonna rule a whole gigantic territory if Kovu literally has half a mane, and Kiara should be at least two months younger than him (in lion years)

Finally we got Rani and Kion: do I really have to explain this??? Teenagers! Bruh.

disney is trying to send a message that I dont understand

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I think when you see Ahadi’s age you’ll understand
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...should I be worried?

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Nah. They don’t get into a relationship until far later in life anyway, besides they’re only about a year or so apart
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Ok good. Yeah in my theory Uru and Ahadi don’t like each other at all. They dont like each other but Mohatu is sick and wanted to unite Ahadi’s Pride and his daughter‘s pride together so he could see her be a queen at least one more time before he died. At the time of Ahadi and Uru’s ceremony, Uru already had three cubs (including Mufasa) with her dead mate, who she loved so dearly (Ahadi killed him but they don’t know yet). So she doesn’t like him and Ahadi just wants more power. And Ahadi had two cubs: Akaswami (Scar, a nickname for him was T’aka) and Zuna (Zira before her name meant hate). Akaswami with Uru and Zira with a rogue lioness. So yeah... Ahadi is the bad guy in my story, but there needed to be a conflict, so I mad it Ahadi.

I really like your version of Uru though.

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It is very funny almost a double take glance

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I love your Uru project. That beautiful golden shade of fur, bushy eyebrows and the eternal lack of a smile and squinted eyes like Scar's. She is really beautiful. I wonder what she and Ahadi would look like if you ever drew a gender version of them...

You really should draw this lady more often. :)

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I absolutely love your design for Uru. My version of Mufasa and Scar’s mother also has a golden coat, instead of the conventional brown/orange one. Really love her overall appearance! What pictures did you use as reference for the pose may I ask?

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I love that Uru's design!

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I love these colors you have for her! Especially love the scruffy eyebrows

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She looks bored and irritated. XD

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I’d be too if I was walking for hours listening to my dad talk nonstop
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For what I know now,I bet Scar will get his temper from his Mom x)

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Didn’t you have an art piece of Uru and her sister

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Nah her distant cousin. I wanted to change the presentation of it to look more interesting and i need to stop being a pussy and draw lions from different angles
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