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Lion King 2 spruce up: My how you've grown!

Me: I should really make original art instead of these semi low effort redraws
My brain: lmao nah
In all seriousness I don’t consider this a proper redraw because I don’t exactly see too much wrong with it so I didn’t really change much (besides Kiara’s bland design) also Sarafina is in this shot because the voice that comes out of that background lioness is Sarafina’s voice actor! I found that neat. Also, no, that Sarabi looking lioness isn’t Sarabi, it’s Dwala, bleck I should really design Sarabi’s sisters soon but
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Is there a source that states that the lioness is voiced by Sarafina's?

Or is she credited in the end credits?

This is very interesting. I never knew that.

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I love how you gave Sarafina wrinkles to show her age :D

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Honestly I really enjoy the "low effort" spruce up posts lol they're really cool to see

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Makes me realize how washed out the original really is. Where's the color!!!

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This looks fantastic. Really like how you brought more life to this picture by adding Sarafina and Dwala to the picture as well.

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This look good

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A really nice redraw! You did a fantastic job on it! 😃
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I love these redraws from the scenes in the movies and show and love the Kiara and Dwala:clap:

Your Kiara looks so good!! I see her with ear rims occasionally and it's growing on me
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So in your headcanon, Sarabi died after the first movie?

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Yeah, it’d feel kinda wrong to me otherwise
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The crew did to respect due to Madge Sinclair's death.

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It's a bit of a mixed bag for me.

My main confusion is how Sarabi never appears in the clouds along with the rest of the characters in the show, not at Kiara's presentation, not at her or Kion's wedding, or takes part in Rafiki's plan to get Kovu and Kiara together. The only explanation is that spirit queens work differently than spirit kings. But if Sarabi were alive, I see no reason why the hell she didn't attend her grandson's wedding.

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I agree even if she wasn't going to say something they should have at least put her there

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That was always my head canon, where Sarabi died after Kopa was killed (or left for dead depending on any one else’s Kopa head canon), even though I initially thought that the “my how you’ve grown” lioness was her. Then I realized it makes sense for Sarabi to be dead, since her original VA Madge Sinclair (may she Rest In Peace) died a year after Lion King came out. In other words, like what they did with Phil in Kingdom Hearts 3, it could be an “out of respect” thing.
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In my headcanon, Kopa was sent away from Pride Rock to be protected from the Outlanders.

It should be noted that Sarabi lived through years of an abusive dictatorship that nearly starved everyone, and soon lead a battle against an entire crush of hyenas. So the chances of her dying off from the increased bodily damage is very likely.

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Mine is more like Simba’s predicament, where he was left for dead due to Zira attacking him, but was taken in to Ni’s pride of rogue lions, including Malka, Chumvi, Tojo, and Mheetu.
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