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Ask the Morons by Spicy-A Ask the Morons by Spicy-A
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Characters and Bios (From Left to Right)
Blake- So called “cool guy” but he really sucks except he’s a pretty good singer. He loves to boast about he’s “achievements” (he won awards back in elementary but he lies about receiving it somewhere else). He claims to have a girlfriend but for real tho, he doesn’t. He moved to the neighbourhood cuz he’s really poor and needs a place to stay. He normally hangs out with Nikolai because he’s “the closest to being the cool guy” like him. Christopher is “too childish” for him. Sebastian is really creepy towards him. He REALLY hates Ulixes (he’s jealous of Ulixes).

Nikolai- The Russian Gamer of the group. He’s a huge gamer who’s really good with RPG games. He moved to the neighborhood cuz he ran away from his family, who disapproves his gaming life. He also loves to eat A LOT of food. He plays with Christopher video games a lot of times. He hangs out with Blake cuz he’s a “cool guy”. He loves chatting with Sebastian cuz Sebastian says he’s funny. He hangs out with Ulixes cuz he finds Ulixes “pretty interesting” and loves to be competitive with him.

Ulixes- The so called “edgey guy” of the group. He normally just prefers to stay alone but the morons just keep bugging him. He came from a galaxy far far away but he doesn’t remember how he arrived in the neighborhood. He stays in his house to relax and even just meditate. Christopher showed him around the neighborhood and is the first person he ever met, they have a close bond cuz of Christopher’s non-stop interaction with him. He finds Blake really annoying and worthless cuz of he’s love for boasting. He plays competitively with Nikolai. He hangs with Sebastian to help him be in a relationship with blake (to annoy the living hell out of blake).

Christopher- The “child” of the group cuz of his childish acts. He LOVES Pirates (that’s why he’s dressed up like one). He loves to spy on people and even ship them (even tho he doesn’t have a reason). He knows the neighborhood pretty well, cuz he’s been there since he was a child. He’s the closest friend to Ulixes. He enjoys playing video games with Nikolai. He loves to hang out with Blake (even tho Blake doesn’t enjoy his accompany). Sebastian is like a father figure to him since Sebastian is REALLY nice to him and takes care of him when needed.

Sebastian- The business man of the group. He’s pretty gay. He has a HUGE crush on Blake (main reason why he moved to the neighborhood). He’s pretty good with the guitar. He tries SO HARD to flirt with Blake (which creeps blake up). Christopher is like a son to him (cuz christopher is pretty childish). He enjoys talking with Nikolai (cuz of his accent but also Nikolai’s a funny guy). He goes to Ulixes cuz he needs help with making Blake fall in love with him since he thinks that Ulixes is close with Blake (even tho Ulixes is really not).
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