In love with typography #41

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In love with typography is my serial of typographic excellence at deviantART, simply my favorite typographic artworks.

This is Part #41, the next ten awesome works.

You could also check my private german blog about design, typography, motion-design, free fonts & more related stuff:


Typography Test. Let's assume i live carefree, hand around as if i had the key. Changes in my pocket that i carry. Let my respect be your whore, and my worry my love.

Human Rights Burma Tourism one by Sonicbeanz
Human Rights Burma Tourism one
Human Rights Campaign > Burma 08.08.88; Typographic design to promote human rights awarness in Burma <Myamar> 2005 Tourism section; product of Creation Nation.

Decisions, Decisions by delgadina
Decisions, Decisions
OMG HI DIGITAL ART. It's 3.42am. The tall caramel frap, my first taste of Starbucks this school year, is not sitting well with me. The three essays that I need to submit by Monday morning aren't sitting well with me either. So, bored and filled with useless energy, I came up with this.

iH by 14R
ive been developing a crush

"school" What do you like?
something i made for school about typography and composition. i know its not THAT good. just something to share..... i guess :S

legibility and communication. by shutdown
legibility and communication.
"Don't mistake legibility for communication." - David Carson.

Type Study - Neue Helvetica by newklear
Type Study - Neue Helvetica
Purpose: So, seeings I'm more than a little bit rusty... and been on a design kick lately, I felt like it was about time I challenged myself to do something new to bring my skills back up to par. This is the first of those challenges. Background: Basically, the idea was to create an informational poster for a typeface using a limited range of colours (there's three here, simply because I couldn't get the Pantone mix I wanted) and only typographical elements. In this case, I opted to use the following characters to form the basis of the background: m, a, R, {, all in 55 Roman weight (excepting the m, which was in 75 Bold to allow more room). Also, I made sure to only use variants of Neue Helvetica (55 Roman [+ Italic], 57 Roman Condensed, 65 Medium, and 75 Bold). Body copy is taken directly from the aforementioned website.

Typographic History Poster
Artwork carried over from my previous account: =webPHIX

Happy anniversary
Small present for my girlfriend, hey it's the thought that counts right?

Literature 1 by james119
Literature 1


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In Love With Typography Stamp by spicone typopolis. Stamp by spicone Photo Stefano Picco Stamp by spicone

Sorry that In love with typography #40 didn't released yesterday, cause we had some water trouble in office! You can see some Photos here:…
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ajta Interface Designer
is there a typography love club?
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Wow, I see myself. Thanks! :boogie:
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Coooooool ... thanks!