In love with typography #20 Intro 2008

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My serial of typographic excellence at deviantART, simply my favorite typographic artworks. Part 20, the next ten awesome works.

Introducing the first cool typographic artworks of 2008!


PLAY by fiveless
Random work today.
Edited some stray pixels here and there and now I'm not really sure what to do with it, haha. I'm open to suggestions to how I can improve this! ;) Font used is Franklin Gothic Medium, but you knew that already

Varieties Of Fools by 1NNU3NDO
Aka "No Gill" Semi-quick tribute piece to the Gill Sans font. Did it in a few quiet hours at work based on the 1930's (the letter was made in 1928-1932). Inspired by the Computer Arts Projects issue on Typography. Felt inspired by the Eric Gill (creator of the font) quote: "There are now about as many different varieties of letters as there are different kinds of fools". And that was 80 years ago. Hope you enjoy the minimalist approach ;)

Punkhouse by 1NNU3NDO
Punkhouse = Punk & Bauhaus 3 months ago at 14.000 pageviews I quoted Bob Ross with "Shoot, we're having so much fun - let's get a little crazy" Now 3 months later at 25.000 pageviews I quote the amazing Jimmi Hendrix "What seems to be the fuss" I took my next step and got my Groove on, now let's keep walking. Thank you all for 25.000 pageviews!!

Obsolete by 1NNU3NDO
Made this wallpaper inspired by the movie A.I. (which I absolutely love by the way). The vector of the robot is inspired by the scene at the Flesh Fair. Anyways, I tried to work with a feeling of rejection for reasons beyond your own control. Hope it worked out Comments and criticism are welcome :)

april by beopots
i shouldn't have named these just to see if people could guess what month they were for...

tipoo by sadecedize
deneme, deneme 1ki3, deneme

istemiyorum by sadecedize
diyorum diyorum dinletemiyorum!ben mi eksik diyorum onlurmı fazla!buna karar veremiyorum

Typography 4 by princepoo
Ever feel like the world is falling apart beneath your feet? Ever feel like everything is changing and you can only watch it all slide away? I made this the night before Cal Day, an orientation thing at Berkeley. I hadn't decided which college to go to yet. I had an empty Typography 4 frame for about a month before I finally filled it with...
Garamond. An experiment, yes, but also a representation of the confusion. I put the 'i' on top of everything, though, because there was still hope and future. There still is. Enjoy.

A little typography by vwake
::> One of my experiments with typography.

Typography by cromewire
A typography project I did for my graphic design class...kinda traditional, but that's ok :)


Intro 2008:

:thumb73633484: by :iconradia:

Inteligencia Militar? by Kikolas by :iconkikolas:

:thumb73571297: by :iconrikketik:

:thumb73511987: by :iconlassekorsgaard:

:thumb73486739: by :iconrikketik:

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super dupper :P
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Thanks man:)
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Nice features :)
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Maxdicapua Photographer
great collection really inspiring...

I've just got to try and get good enough now to make something i can actually put up :p
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thanks a lot for posting my submission in your news :D
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interesting..i've always liked this genre but it never gets any attention. good work@
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<3 thanks! haha i realise i've been doing a lot less of typography these days haha
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starfantazyProfessional Digital Artist
very cool.
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1NNU3NDOProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for all your support man :D Obsolete is REALLY old hehe, glad you dug it anyways :)
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spiconeProfessional Digital Artist
who cares how old a good artwork is? :)
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1NNU3NDOProfessional Digital Artist
haha true, thanks ;)
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