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Hey Guys,
I am going to make a contest (or try to anyways I am a dummy! )

There will be two sections Drawing or Writing, you can submit more that one entry if you wish.
You have to draw one of my oc's Either Estelle ( Estelle Minito by spicks-and-specks) or Dee'la  Bring it by spicks-and-specks 
(more of Dee'la in my gallery)
I will upload a ref sheet to help with markings and tattoos.
You can also add you oc
Deadline: December the 1st 2014

PointsPoints  comment on what you guys think is a fair because I have no clue ^^" 
if there is enough entries I will give points to the runners up.

If you have any questions please ask Wink/Razz 
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i mean, in general, points prizes range from as low as 100 to almost 1000 points
1000 is a bit outragous but people would definitely come for it
id say from 100-300 is considerable enough for first place
if it were me holding the contest i wouldnt go over 500 points since points on my account are kinda scarce 
but that all depends on the holder of the contest 
but still, if it were me, id put up around 100-150 points as the prize until more people became interested in it and then i would up the points 

(considering that 100 points = $1)