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Leinilyu Wolverine colorFinish

color for fun

Original Lines Leinil Yu [link]

edit* so I knew this piece was supposed to be at night, then yesterday I saw it in the store painted as a night time scene. thats ok, I really wanted to do up the cherry blossoms for my dad.

Colors Michael Spicer Portfolio [link]
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Your welcome! :D
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wow, really stunning work!
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This is gorgeous! The dark colors of the
background and the pink of the tree makes
everything just pop :D

Amazing job, perfect for the lines :w00t:
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Nice man.... real nice...
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As usual it's excellent. Love what you did with wolverine and the stones around him. Impressive. If you want to change the leaves, I agree with therealarturo. Spacing them and allowing some background color to come through will add mood and depth to the whole pic. Right now the leaves take some focus away from the character. But hell, I think this is great as usual man.
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Thanks bud! yeah the tree giving me issues!
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Your work is beautiful my friend. I love how this looks. Although, I kind of agree with Wade about the leaves. I would try spacing them a bit, as if the leaves are not bonded together. Let some of the background colors come through.

I don't know that is my :twocents:. It is up to you, but I definitely like the way it is turning out. Great work!! :)
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Its def good advice. Im gonna come back to this one.
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Nice! Definitely looking Awesome my friend. I like you on YU! :confused: wait, did that come out right? Anyway, you are rockin' Yu's work.:D
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