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Batman Superman Richard Friend

colored for some fun

Original lines :iconrichardfriend:[link]
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I love what you've done with Kal's cape and belt. I understand what you were going for with the gloves but it really doesn't fit.
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I didnt draw it, just the colors
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From a technical standpoint this is brilliant. The color,the action etc
It's really great,I especially like the emotion.

I dont enjoy this idea of them fighting all the time though.

Frank Miller started it in 1986 with Supes and Bats fighting and it worked then but not since...not really.

Unless Superman had turned evil (like he did in Hush storyline) these 2 thoughtfull,intellignet people should not be fighting each other. I mean these guys might not always agree with each other but they do respect each other and they are teammates. I mean how would it look if the 2 leaders of the Justice League were always fighting?

Batman is too smart to fight Superman and Superman admires Bats too much to use full strength on him. Even in the Miller books Superman tried talking Batman out of the fight repeatedly since he had easily broken Bats rips with a half hearted hit. The fight worked then though because Bats was old and didnt care if he died fighting this "God" as long as he proved his point. But a young Batman who has a ton of lives to save wouldnt want to fight this Man Of Steel.

Contrary to popular belief,Superman doesn't just faint at the sight of kryptonite. Many times he fight through the pain.
All I am saying is,Batman is lucky Superman doesn't decide to kill him.
I love both though. They're my 2 favs.
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epic fight... love it :)
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Awesome. I like what you did with Superman's cape/collar.
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Loving how gritty it all looks but also how bright and expressive it is. Top work, mate!!!
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Batman would win
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As good as any DC colors out there!!
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This line work screams David Finch . Nice colors. The red over Supes shoulders seem much brighter then the rest of the cape
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Their hands are ENORMOUS compared to their heads.

But nice job on colouring. Its what brings pictures to life to be honest.
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:eyepopping::jawdrop::wow: "Dammit Jim!!!!" :wow::jawdrop::eyepopping:
Man You Pumped up the volume on this Beauty Awesome Job!
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This is pretty epic. I totally dig
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