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Writer Concept

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My first elementary concept since August (crazy exam schedules and coursework deadlines have kept me plenty busy). A simple writing application. The top bar is static and used for document wide actions, like open, save, print and document properties, as well as an undo and redo button. The second bar is dynamic, the buttons changing depending on the content selected. The top bar is for text editing, the second for image properties and the third for tables. In this way only the functions needed are seen at any one time, but could still be searchable by something like Unity's HUD.
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what about status bar? which page is active page?, how many pages in document? and many other useful quick information are needed by writers and do not hurt design.
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I have actually worked on creating this concept. The project is built HTML, CSS, and CoffeeScript. If anyone is interested in seeing this concept in action, check out this demo. It is still in heavy development so not all features will work as expected but can be used at the moment to create a simple PDF.
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I'm working on it here: launchpad.net/writer
Just download the latest code (with bzr) and run the run.sh script from the scripts directory.
If you don't know how to do this, you probably shouldn't ;)
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Will this be developed from scratched or branched from/based around OpenOffice/LibreOffice?
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Also, Do you have an SVG for that?
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I'm working on the code to make this a reality (launchpad.net/writer), but I could use a mockup of the popovers for the paragraph, font, insert ... buttons.
Could you do this? That would help us very much!
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hackan301Hobbyist Interface Designer
The combined top-bar is pretty sick :-P
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wow like it! would love to use this
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You're awesome, i love this.

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You're awesome, i love this.
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hxw-araaHobbyist Digital Artist
this is just FAN-TAS-TIC!!! hope to see it in the Isis (:
man, You're doing right thing. Unix has nothing like that (except GWOffice, but it requires Internet so...)
Please, don't leave the project - make him come true.

greetings from Ukraine!
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r2dsProfessional Interface Designer
I have thoroughly enjoyed what I saw scrolling down to make this comment.
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However, I do think the page itself should have a shadow around it.
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Wow, this is great. I'd love to build something like this, I'm sure it would be a great way of expanding my knowledge of Vala. I just know that it will probably fall short of the excellence shown in these design impressions... :(
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kevkevfuuuuuHobbyist Interface Designer
Wow that's awesome. Good job! :)
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Gorgeous. Made me want to write. Would be great a fork of LibreOffice with a visual adapted to elementaryOS
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very cool
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I love it, it is clear and clever ( ¬‿¬)
You was speacking aboud the HUD of unity for the global search fuction. Why not add a button on the top bar ? So it can works whis all systems.
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Nice concept ! simple and beautiful.
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RobertoLuizHobbyist General Artist
Great. It should be included in main project.
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I've just finished a similar program and someone send me the link to here, maybe we can work together?

Great design! :D
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haze007Student Interface Designer
You know what, At first I'm like 'Wpwed' but then when I notice it's just a mockup, All eyes down!
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Clavicus14Professional Interface Designer
Very nice. :)
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