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Ubuntu Tablet Concept

With Canonical having confirmed a Tablet version of Ubuntu in the works, I thought I'd take a shot at a Tablet concept in an Ubuntu Style.

The first screen is just an unlock screen, nothing too fancy there, with a numeric password unlock.

The second screen is the home hub. The hub has many different views, the icons to switch between them shown at the bottom (home, applications, search, running applications (which disappears if no applications are open), documents, photos, music, videos, preferences). There could be more views added, such as downloads or social views. At the top is the title and indicators bar, and in the middle running applications (I know I have repeated the same application three times, but I was being lazy here).

The third view is a standard application view.

Most of the icons are Elementary, or Elementary based, and the font is Ubuntu.

Made in Inkscape 0.48
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Looks like a WebOS design and control! I loved WebOS for mobile devices its controls were perfect for small smartphones mostly.
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Awesome concept. Where could I get that wallpaper?
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Its one of the prepackeded wallpapers from a few releases of ubuntu ago
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Oh ok. Thanks!
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Nice, looks a little bit like webOS :)
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Awesome concept! :-)
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Your very welcome. :-)
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Very nice, well thought out! I would love to use one such interface! :)
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Looks perfect!
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My gosh, this is just flat-out amazing! Excellent work! It kinda reminds me of the Blackberry Playbook OS. If they were to get Ubuntu on tablets, it would be far more popular, considering how popular tablets are nowadays.
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with just a few tweaks, unity would be great on a tablet! If they put unity on the tablet OS them maybe they'll give us back GNOME 2, or should I say MATE...
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Looks pretty bad azz! Forget tablet i want this on my laptop
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