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Ubuntu Software Centre Concept

Another concept, again based on the Ubuntu One website, this time of Ubuntu's software centre.

Made in Inkscape 0.48
Time: 3 hours
Font: Ubuntu
Objects: 2667
Icons: Elementary
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Hey! We could make something like that in HTML! What about a web software centre totally free?
artistym's avatar
excellent work. Must be used.
colleowino's avatar
its a massive improvement over the current one. its awesome
snowex's avatar
< likes this ^_^
ThiagoBezzy's avatar
Muito bom =]
Acho interessante colocar na central de programas as atualizações e o tempo restante =]
bmoez's avatar
great for ubuntu tablet OS but it can be better. please tell ubuntu developer about all you concepts to help them make the best tablet and mobile OS ever :)
ginjaninja405's avatar
This is beautiful.
Betosoft's avatar
new software market or .. app store... jejeje...!! :-)
CassidyJames's avatar
Much better than the current design. However, like I've said on one or two other designs of yours, it feels a bit "web"-like. Perhaps it's the fact it uses a lot of white and not so much the Ubuntu GTK colors? Either way, it does look slick. :)
spiceofdesign's avatar
It is based off the Ubuntu One website, which seems to me to be the one bit of good design Canonical has done recently.
CassidyJames's avatar
This is true. However, it's also a native app, so I feel like it should fit into the native platform.
ChristianJabasa's avatar
Looks great! But I think we need some screenshots for that slide show gallery that you have there. Screenshots that would lead users to install that particular app. Anyways, looks prettier than that of the actual software center! Thumbs Up!
squizzi's avatar
Nice job, much better then the current one. Also nice sd avatar :P
Toastybob's avatar
Adobe Acrobat's rating.
spiceofdesign's avatar
Just did so they had varied ratings eg not all 5 stars
Toastybob's avatar
Yes, I just thought it was rather hilarious.
gazornonplat's avatar
Canonical need more talented designers, when hobbyists on deviantart can produce concepts this good, it absolutely puts them to shame.
spiceofdesign's avatar
I am actually seriously considering this as a career at the moment, and hopefully when I apply to Uni my portfolio will be large enough for them to consider me without art or tech A-Levels.
gazornonplat's avatar
Good luck man, you're certainly good enough at it, I just hope they realise that. :)
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