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Ubuntu Phone

You have no idea how many versions this has gone through and how long it has taken to get to this point, but I have finally made an Ubuntu phone concept. Originally I came up with a design straight after the tablet, but I never finished it and there were things I wan't happy with and wanted to make more consistent.

The first screen is a simple lockscreen.

The second screen shows the home screen with the different lenses at the bottom. The selected lens is applications, with a search field at the top, and sidebar available for filtering options. Other lenses could include: system wide, web, contacts, messages, music, videos, photos, social, etc, with a modular plugin system to allow extensibility as well as an API for allowing third party apps to be searched (for example music app searches within Spotify).

The third screen shows a basic application view, with the titlebar/indicator area at the top, followed by a toolbar, then the main app window, with an onscreen keyboard at the bottom.

The icons are a variety from Humanity, Elementary and Gnome 3 symbolic icons.
The font is Ubuntu.
Time: I've lost track
Made in Inkscape 0.48

- Blurred background in second screen to improve legibility.
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Can u share settings icon please? It's for personal use
Cazatormenta's avatar
It looks like an Android doesn't feel any different, and the lock screen is like Windows Phone
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Looks better then Ubuntu Phone OS is going to look.
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Great concept! While I'm not an Ubuntu user, I think I would get the phone version if it looked like this. Awesome job.
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Icons pack please? :)
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All of the icons are either Humanity, elementary or Gnome 3.x icons, all of which are freely and readily available.
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Well I don't have them :D
Thank you anyway, I appreciate your reply :)
The keyboard looks awesome!
but, were is the icon? :)
really awesome!Can it be used on iPhone.?/
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No, it is just a concept.
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seems that ubuntu design team now will welcome community designs. hope you help them to make ubuntu14.04 the best release ever.
jut need to know what futures that ubuntu-mobile will get, then you can make your design even better ;)
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*.* bravo! magnifico!
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the keyboard is more pretty i see at this moment for mobil concept...
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best keyboard on the universe
Is this theme going to come out to android phones?
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Not at all, sorry!
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spice! can you share the icons used in that shot? :D
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All of the icons are either Humanity, Elementary, Elementary Symbolics or Gnome Symbolics.
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Where can I buy it? XD
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Unfortunately nowhere yet.
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Lol I know, I just really would like it if the phone would actually be like that XD
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